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JasonK 21 Replies 20073 Views
MPLAB IDE 7.50 introduces support for Micrium's MicroC/OS-II in the RTOS Viewer (under the Tools menu). You can use this viewer to inspect the state of the RTOS. The screenshot below shows you an example of the information that the viewer can provide. http://img103.imageshack.us/img103/2408/rtosmicr..
zhoukes 2 Replies 1359 Views
Hello, I am using Micrium uCOS II(V2.82) with PIC24FJ256GB106. It runs very well if there are only some simple tasks.When the code reaches about 50KB, it still runs well.But if I add another c file into the project, it goes to falt state in OSStart. The c file I add to the project has no function ..
Brad 2 Replies 1413 Views
I am designing using PIC24FJ256GB106. Today I loaded uCOS in it. Then adding these code for test: 1)int32u *addr = (int32u *)0x7534; int32u addr_val = (int32u) addr; Then, addr = 0x7534,right! 2)int32u *addr = (int32u *)0x8534; int32u addr_val = (int32u) addr; addr = 0xFFFF8534,wrong! 3)int32u *addr..
nick.m 7 Replies 1721 Views
Calling for help from anyone familiar with uC/OS-II for the PIC24!!! I am try to learn with uC/OS-II on a PIC24FJ128GA106 based on the example project provided by Micrium and I am having issues with interrupts. I was doing fine until I added a second timer interrupt which sets a OSFlag object. I cop..
JPortici 11 Replies 1357 Views
Is there a list somewhere of the boards that are now coming with the PKOB4 (which is a pickit4 "on board")? There are two obvious advantages.the PKOB3 has always been well.. awful. (other words come to mind though), supposedly the PKOB4 will have more or less the same hardware and firmware as the PK..
memorymem 21 Replies 12900 Views
hi, you master: I use ucos ii v2.52 build Pic18F4620, uses a p18f4620i.lkr link files, and running smoothly through the normal; but I ucos ii v2.90 build Pic18F4620, with the same main.c lkr files and documents, can also successfully compile, but running the following error: CORE-W0015: Out of bound..
pogorman 12 Replies 8928 Views
Hi, I am wondering if vxworks support the PIC32 family? Does anyone have any experience with vxworks and the microchip products? Is it a good choice for the PIC32? Thanks, Philip..
rhicks 0 Replies 672 Views
I am looking for a general descrption of Micrium and its use. I have a client how is looking for an embedded programer and they must have knowledge of Micrium. I am just not sure what exactly what I am looking for. Sorry for the dumb question but I am a sales guy. I would also have interest in speak..
krishnapamarthy 0 Replies 1015 Views
hi all, i m trying to use micrium uC os for dsPIC33F256GP710.. the online code available is for explorer 16 eval board. but i m gnna use dsPIC DEM 1.1plus board for which i dont have the board support package. can anyone suggest wat changes i have to make for using the code onto this board?? and the..
vsg 25 Replies 167308 Views
RTOS are not, in general, very popular in these forums. Why? There is just one Microchip page providing links to some 3rd-party RTOS: http://www.microchip.com/stellent/idcplg?IdcService=SS_GET_PAGE&nodeId=1406&dDocName=en531543&page=wwwRTOS And there is just a single (not very informativ..
Laureate 11 Replies 2012 Views
Hi, Is here any one ported micro-C OS-II on PIC24FJ128GA010. I have downloaded source code from micrium but fiew files were missing. Can anyone help me Thanking You. Ravi Kumar..
maddy 3 Replies 3234 Views
Hello, I wish to port ucos2 with dspic33. the device i am using is dspic33FJM804. please let me know how to go about it as i am new to porting or guide me to a thread with the solution. thanks!..
Tom.in.Maryland 5 Replies 6510 Views
If you want to make a GUI in Windows, you can download the program "Microsoft C# Express" FREE from the big M (thats Microsoft, sorry Microchip ) Heres a weblink http://csharp.simpleserial.com/ that guides you thru step by step on how to setup a serial interface with your PIC Chip USART signal (prov..
Oznog 6 Replies 656 Views
As much code as I have used now, I still wonder if I am doing everything like I should. This is a general C question. I have created a number of .h files with stuff other than #defines and externs. Namely, there are some lookup tables, graphical fonts, and graphic pages which are declared directl..
michael_huang 11 Replies 10934 Views
Here is a problem for help: Follow the page "PIC32/industry surpport" i downloaded uCOSII for the Microchip PIC32 CPU(on the PIC32 Starter Kit) from www.Micrium.com/microchip. After connecting the Starter Kit, i opened the example project named EX1_OS.mcw. The problem is I can not build all the fil..
michael_huang 1 Reply 1188 Views
I downloaded uCOSII for PIC32 Starter Kit from www.Micrium.com. But I know little about it, can somebody give me some simple demo code to study? Who can I ask for help about OS in china?..
chaitanya.b 1 Reply 1102 Views
Hi, I want to port micrc-os/II RTOS in pic18f4525, Can any one give me a code where I acn port micrc-os/II OS in pic18f4525, mcc18 thank you with regards..
eagle1 158 Replies 10071 Views
Hello, I just learned that RTOS/multitasking are how the real world works. And I did a several projects with Arduino using millis() function that counts every 1ms in a 32 bits register and would overflow in 50 days. So it's very helpful in doing the timing for the functions. But I don't know what ki..
Santhiya Dhandapani 33 Replies 7872 Views
We are trying to port Micrium ucos-III to PIC18F452. We are trying with XC8 compiler version 1.33. While compiling the code, we are getting conflicting variable declaration error. We reviewed the code and we are not able to find the error. Please find attached the attached source code. Kindly help u..
pashya 5 Replies 11610 Views
I want to implement a scheduling point through a naked function on PIC24E. So I am planning to save the current task context once I enter the naked function and then restore the new task context. So I need to save the current program counter on the stack when I enter the naked function and I also ne..
Change page: 123 > | Displaying page 1 of 3, items 1 to 20 of 55
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