Hot!Dual Port USB Host & Device with PIC32MK series.

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2017/05/20 11:56:42 (permalink)
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Dual Port USB Host & Device with PIC32MK series.

I'm looking to make a device that has 2 USB ports, one in Host Mode and another in Device Mode. It appears that the PIC32MK series supports with dual USB ports, but in the Harmony Configurator it only allows me to select Host OR Device.
Looking at the generated code, it appears that MHC always uses USB_ID_1 and assumes a single USB port. Is this just a MHC limitation ? If I manually setup USB_ID_1 Host mode and USB_ID_2 to Device mode is it likely to work  (I don't have hardware yet to test).
My versions are:
  MPLABX: 3.61
  Harmony: 2.03 (but I tried with 1.11 as well)

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    Re: Dual Port USB Host & Device with PIC32MK series. 2017/05/20 15:41:38 (permalink)
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    I don't think Harmony can currently support both HOST & device simultaneously.
    You should post a support ticket to Microchip to check when this is planned...
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    Re: Dual Port USB Host & Device with PIC32MK series. 2018/04/16 02:20:28 (permalink)
    One year later - Still an open question: I need exactly the same: 2 USB ports working parallel, one for HID device, one for HID host. I could tweak the reluctant MHC to set up for both a USB device PLUS a USB host, but the host part of the firmware stack is kinda crippled and won't work. I commented out the USB host part of the stack and will concentrate to get the device running first, but once in a while we need both ports to get up and running.
    Has anyone here some experience to share about this issue?
    Hei, Microchip, is there some harmony support in sight for your new dual-USB stars PIC32MKxxxxx??
    Kind regards
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