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Hot!MCC too much time to load

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2017/01/04 08:33:05 (permalink)
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MCC too much time to load

Since the last versions I noticed MCC is taking about 2/3 mins to load (Some times even more). And some times I have to kill the process because nothing happens and MPLABX freezes.

My PC is an Intel Core Duo 1.2Ghz running Ubuntu 64 bits and 6 Gb RAM.
Device: PIC16F1619.

Anyone is facing the same issue?
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    Re: MCC too much time to load 2017/01/06 14:21:23 (permalink)
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    It's a common problem, and one we are focusing our attention on improving for the next MCC core release.
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    Re: MCC too much time to load 2017/01/07 07:48:03 (permalink)
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    I have also noticed that it's not just load time. Sometimes the whole IDE will simply freeze for about 10-15 seconds. There does not appear to be anything going on. I even looked at Task Manager, and there's no CPU usage. Could the pin diagram window that appears on the right side be causing issues? I've sometimes noticed that closing this window improves response, but it may just be a correlation, not a causation.
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    Re: MCC too much time to load 2017/01/08 10:52:36 (permalink)
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    To me, this doesn't seem to be a problem with MCC alone.
    The whole MPLAB X IDE version 3.50  is much slower than any of the previous versions that I have used, 
    although I haven't been using X much more than about a year.
    I am using a laptop with a 4 processor CORE i5 and 4 G memory, running Windows 7, 64 bit, and MPLAB seem to want all of it and more. Stepping in debugger is nearly painfully slow.
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    Re: MCC too much time to load 2020/07/12 21:43:05 (permalink)
    Hello, I have the same problem with MPLAB 5.40 and MCC - it freezes completely (not like other users reported that the system starts to be alive again after 10 minutes or so). In addition MPLAB freezes when I click on any link in the notifications box - this problem I also had with previous versions of MPLAB. Currently I am using UBUNTU 16.04. There are no solutions to be found in the net. Some suggestions exist about playing around with different Java versions - but this is like to try a shot in the dark besides the fact that it is very time consuming and mostly not helpful.
    I wrote this - actually unhelpful - post hoping that somebody will come up with a clear solution.
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    Re: MCC too much time to load 2020/07/13 10:37:19 (permalink)
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    I know this is an old post, but even with current version, wait is long.
    Might also suggest there being a way to keep MCC from checking internet for current support (or what ever it does).
    I run this at work (besides home) and the PC has no internet connection because of our security.
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    Re: MCC too much time to load 2020/07/30 05:25:39 (permalink)
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    I do not understand why
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