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Re: MPLAB X with 4K Displays 2018/08/21 23:08:10 (permalink)
...If the X programmers were asked to make everything 4k aware and given the budget it is possible to make X 4k useful.

Please, also do not forget to keep the support of low-resolution displays! I had to work with 1200x800 screen and default X settings aren't as good as an old software has.

such as my macbook (1280x800), or my work laptop (that godawful 1366x768). both are not particulary old
most of the time i use an external monitor, but not always.
But now that X ha truly become a plugin for netbeans, it's a netbeans problem and we have to break their balls for this and many other nuisances
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Re: MPLAB X with 4K Displays 2018/11/18 06:41:47 (permalink)
With windows 10, MPLABX 5.1 and a 4K screen on laptop.
When opening everything is fine, I don't have the very small icon as before.
But when I activate MCC or the store, then the HMI makes a kind of refresh and then the text size is too big and the icon too small.
It is like the scaling is not taking care properly.
Does anyone hase the same issue ?
Any clue how to slove it ?
Howard Long
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Re: MPLAB X with 4K Displays 2018/11/19 03:48:07 (permalink)
+1 (1)
I have run MPLAB X on 4K screens for over four years now.
The first 4k monitor I used was 28". I found the fonts for many applications to be too small, and what made it worse was in a multi-monitor setup. At one point I ran three 28" 4k monitors. Windows scaling just makes things worse, as it doesn't work properly with all applications, as many have since found.
The only way I made a 28" work well was to use 100% scaling and force to a lower resolution, in my case 3200 x 1800. This non-native resolution has the side effect of being slightly blurry, but I found that it was by far the best compromise.
About 2.5 years ago, I switched to a single 32" 4k monitor, which I use in its native 3840x2160 resolution and 100% scaling at 60fps. This is without doubt the best solution I've experienced, and I've used it ever since.
One further compromise back in the early days was that I could only run the screens at 4k30fps with the adapter hardware I had. Although 30fps is usable for coding, the mouse cursor has noticeable jerkiness and slight latency as a result. You get used to it reasonably quickly, but it's sub-optimal.
More recently, in the past couple of years graphics cards and integrated graphics have caught up to support 4k60p through HDMI 2.0 as well as Displayport 1.2. The more common HDMI 1.4 will only support 4k30p. To support 4k60p with integrated graphics, you need both a processor [Skylake or later] and a motherboard that supports it. 
Note that I am of a vintage where I do wear glasses!
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Re: MPLAB X with 4K Displays 2019/06/24 05:47:26 (permalink)
I have this problem too. It's really only a problem with MCC. When I start MCC, the display shrinks. Have to put on magnify glasses. Yes, related to 4K display and resolution. Solutions to 'lock' the resolution by use of the "Override DPI scaling behaviour" in application properties, to "System", do work for the MPLABx application itself, but the MCC as a sub-application has it's own independent scaling logic. I have to lower the display resolution when I use MPLAB and MCC  to 3200 x 1800 and 150%.  I continue to get far more than I'm paying for with this, I don't see that I have a right to complain. MCC is just magic. I love it. The net beans crew will fix it some time, I'm sure. 
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Re: MPLAB X with 4K Displays 2019/06/24 06:42:53 (permalink)
If you follow the suggestion of ElwoodBlues in a previous post it fixes it.  You have to do it each time you install a new version.
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