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LockedMPLAB 16-Bit Device Blocks for Simulink v3.36 Released

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2014/12/17 15:32:55 (permalink)

MPLAB 16-Bit Device Blocks for Simulink v3.36 Released

v3.37 available, see post http://www.microchip.com/forums/FindPost/878432
MPLAB 16-Bit Device Blocks for Simulink v3.36 is now available for download at http://www.microchip.com/SimulinkBlocks. 
  • Works with Matlab from R2010a to R2014b with booth x32 or x64 windows based system.
  • Backward compatible with previous blockset release (v3.30 and v3.35)
  • Added blocks for timing analysis. Overall improvement on the task scheduler, peripheral blocks and examples provided.
New examples address sensors as:
- Barometer BMP180 / MS5611 (I2C bus)
- Magnetometer HMC5883 (I2C bus)
- Accelerometer and rate gyro MPU6000 and MPU6050 (SPI and I2C bus)
Third part board used: AUAV V3 from Arsov RC Technology, and IMU 10 DOF v2 from Drotek
Microchip board used: Explorer16, MCLV, and Microstick II
The blockset is generic and can work with any others boards.

The free blockset version allows using any peripheral supported with any chips, within the limit of 8 I/O Pins used per simulink models. Six dsPIC have no restriction with the free version:
    • 33FJ32MC204
    • 33FJ128MC802
    • 33EP256MC506
    • 33EP512MU810
    • 33FJ256MC710 / 33FJ256MC710A
    • 33FJ256GP710 / 33FJ256GP710A
219 dsPIC supported:
30F2010, 30F2011, 30F2012, 30F3010, 30F3011, 30F3012, 30F3013, 30F3014, 30F4011, 30F4012, 30F4013, 30F5011, 30F5013, 30F5015, 30F5016, 30F6010, 30F6010A, 30F6011, 30F6011A, 30F6012, 30F6012A, 30F6013, 30F6013A, 30F6014, 30F6014A, 30F6015, 33EP128GM304, 33EP128GM306, 33EP128GM310, 33EP128GM604, 33EP128GM706, 33EP128GM710, 33EP128GP502, 33EP128GP504, 33EP128GP506, 33EP128MC202, 33EP128MC204, 33EP128MC206, 33EP128MC502, 33EP128MC504, 33EP128MC506, 33EP128MU202, 33EP128MU204, 33EP128MU206, 33EP128MU502, 33EP128MU504, 33EP128MU506, 33EP256GM304, 33EP256GM306, 33EP256GM310, 33EP256GM604, 33EP256GM706, 33EP256GM710, 33EP256GP502, 33EP256GP504, 33EP256GP506, 33EP256MC202, 33EP256MC204, 33EP256MC206, 33EP256MC502, 33EP256MC504, 33EP256MC506, 33EP256MU202, 33EP256MU204, 33EP256MU206, 33EP256MU502, 33EP256MU504, 33EP256MU506, 33EP256MU806, 33EP256MU810, 33EP256MU814, 33EP32GP502, 33EP32GP503, 33EP32GP504, 33EP32MC202, 33EP32MC203, 33EP32MC204, 33EP32MC502, 33EP32MC503, 33EP32MC504, 33EP512GM304, 33EP512GM306, 33EP512GM310, 33EP512GM604, 33EP512GM706, 33EP512GM710, 33EP512GP502, 33EP512GP504, 33EP512GP506, 33EP512GP806, 33EP512MC202, 33EP512MC204, 33EP512MC206, 33EP512MC502, 33EP512MC504, 33EP512MC506, 33EP512MC806, 33EP512MU810, 33EP512MU814, 33EP64GP502, 33EP64GP503, 33EP64GP504, 33EP64GP506, 33EP64MC202, 33EP64MC203, 33EP64MC204, 33EP64MC206, 33EP64MC502, 33EP64MC503, 33EP64MC504, 33EP64MC506, 33EP64MU202, 33EP64MU204, 33EP64MU206, 33EP64MU502, 33EP64MU504, 33EP64MU506, 33EV128GM002, 33EV128GM004, 33EV128GM006, 33EV128GM102, 33EV128GM104, 33EV128GM106, 33EV256GM002, 33EV256GM004, 33EV256GM006, 33EV256GM102, 33EV256GM104, 33EV256GM106, 33EV64GM002, 33EV64GM004, 33EV64GM006, 33EV64GM102, 33EV64GM104, 33EV64GM106, 33FJ128GP202, 33FJ128GP204, 33FJ128GP206, 33FJ128GP206A, 33FJ128GP306, 33FJ128GP306A, 33FJ128GP310, 33FJ128GP310A, 33FJ128GP706, 33FJ128GP706A, 33FJ128GP708, 33FJ128GP708A, 33FJ128GP710, 33FJ128GP710A, 33FJ128GP802, 33FJ128GP804, 33FJ128MC202, 33FJ128MC204, 33FJ128MC506, 33FJ128MC506A, 33FJ128MC510, 33FJ128MC510A, 33FJ128MC706, 33FJ128MC706A, 33FJ128MC708, 33FJ128MC708A, 33FJ128MC710, 33FJ128MC710A, 33FJ128MC802, 33FJ128MC804, 33FJ12GP201, 33FJ12GP202, 33FJ12MC201, 33FJ12MC202, 33FJ16GP304, 33FJ16MC304, 33FJ256GP506, 33FJ256GP506A, 33FJ256GP510, 33FJ256GP510A, 33FJ256GP710, 33FJ256GP710A, 33FJ256MC510, 33FJ256MC510A, 33FJ256MC710, 33FJ256MC710A, 33FJ32GP202, 33FJ32GP204, 33FJ32GP302, 33FJ32GP304, 33FJ32MC202, 33FJ32MC204, 33FJ32MC302, 33FJ32MC304, 33FJ64GP202, 33FJ64GP204, 33FJ64GP206, 33FJ64GP206A, 33FJ64GP306, 33FJ64GP306A, 33FJ64GP310, 33FJ64GP310A, 33FJ64GP706, 33FJ64GP706A, 33FJ64GP708, 33FJ64GP708A, 33FJ64GP710, 33FJ64GP710A, 33FJ64GP802, 33FJ64GP804, 33FJ64MC202, 33FJ64MC204, 33FJ64MC506, 33FJ64MC506A, 33FJ64MC508, 33FJ64MC508A, 33FJ64MC510, 33FJ64MC510A, 33FJ64MC706, 33FJ64MC706A, 33FJ64MC710, 33FJ64MC710A, 33FJ64MC802, 33FJ64MC804.
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