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Helpful ReplySDC/SDHC/MMC in SPI problem

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Miroslav Segvic
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Re:SDC/SDHC/MMC in SPI problem 2014/11/29 18:41:03 (permalink)
Yes, everyone is very helpful on this forum once they realize person asking has done some research themselves and not just parachuted with topic opened fifty times already.
Pozdrav susjed.
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Re:SDC/SDHC/MMC in SPI problem 2018/04/15 08:58:32 (permalink)
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yoninno - several years after your post I have come upon it and would like to say that your cheerful and enthusiastic spirit - faced initially with some pretty unfriendly (and totally unhelpful) replies - is what we need here. What you posted was truly intended to help others while, too often, posters seem to be more intent on impressing people with their erudition rather than actually helping them out!
Thank you - I needed to be able to access SDHC cards and this is the clearest outline I've seen anywhere.
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Re:SDC/SDHC/MMC in SPI problem 2018/04/16 08:22:01 (permalink)
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I have to be honest and say that I am, almost, at a loss for words. I have never expected for this post/article to reach such a wide appreciation after all these years. That said I am ashamed to admit, but I haven't been on this forum in years considering that I solved my problem and was forced to move on to other things. Additionally, it didn't help, at that time, that I was certain that my knowledge was not enough to contribute, but I tried my best. I am glad that I this post was able to help a lot of people, judging from the number of downloads of the code as well as the number of views relating to this post.
If there is a need, I might consider writing a more profound article, when I get some free time, with better explanations considering that I have gained some new experience over the years.
Spottymaldoon, I have to say that my exuberant behavior has cost me more than I'd like, but it is a part of me and always will be. As for the unfriendly replies, there will always be such people, but I don't mind - they won't change me.
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