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section 'TCB_uRAM' error

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2012/07/07 06:40:37 (permalink)

section 'TCB_uRAM' error

hi everybody:
I'm doing a project using the SMTP protocol,a few days ago to buy the package SW300052 encryption routines and just arrived. I'm trying first with the demo app project and PICDEM net2 board.I had some compilation errors in the source file rsa.c at the beginning but I could fix it with the file Microchip Solutions V2012-04-03 \ Microchip \ Help \ Help Supplementary TCPIP.
then back to recompile the project and I have Error - section 'TCB_uRAM' can not fit the section. Section 'TCB_uRAM' length = 0x00000132.
then... i disabled routines ACFOUR.c and RSA.c and then the ssl support, DEFINE STACK_USE_SSL_SERVER/DEFINE STACK_USE_SSL_CLIENT.
recompiled and I have no compilation errors,

any ideas to fix this.

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    Re:section 'TCB_uRAM' error 2012/07/07 17:06:25 (permalink)
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    0x132 is larger than a full size 256 byte RAM bank, so you need to modify your linker script to make this fit. However, since it compiles successfully when you disable SSL, you most likely already have modified your linker script.

    In this case, can not fit the section most likely means you are out of RAM. SSL requires a lot of RAM for encryption S-boxes and state variables. You'll have to upgrade to a PIC24 with 8KB or more of RAM. PIC32's would work too.

    There are some changes you can possibly do to make more RAM available on your PIC18. You could, for example, switch to the Extended Instruction set, which will cause local variables and function parameters to get placed on a dynamic C parameter stack instead of a fixed overlay memory addresses. This will conserve some RAM, although unless your application is 100% complete less SSL, trying to squeeze things to make it fit is no substitute for actually having more RAM.
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