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Firmware for Explorer 16, 18F4550 (U2) (unofficial)

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RE: Firmware for Explorer 16, 18F4550 (U2) (unofficial) 2011/03/23 05:30:39 (permalink)

Thank you! The link you have in post #80 got me functioning in minutes. 
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RE: Firmware for Explorer 16, 18F4550 (U2) (unofficial) 2011/05/19 13:17:21 (permalink)
I have an Explorer16 and the PIC24FJ256B110 PIM.  I have used rafalw's modified 4550 code to make it look like a PICkit 2.  FirmwareV2.100.07b.for.Explorer16

I am able to successfully program the PIM.  After the firmware is programmed, I have to press "run" and that works okay.

However, I am unable to use the debugger features; if I press "Halt" then MPLAB stops responding.  If I hit a breakpoint, the PIM's firmware stops execution but MPLAB doesn't show the breakpoint as being hit.  Once either of these conditions occur, if I unplug the USB and plug it back in again, I get Unknown Hardware, which means that the 4550 isn't responding to enumeration requests.


I think I may have narrowed the problem down.  One potential issue is that the demo application I was using (Joystick) was setting RA0 and RA1 as outputs.  However, these are connected to the 4550's TMS and TCK pins.  I was afraid of potential contention on these lines, so I set them as inputs.  This did not seem to solve the problem, however it does seem like the intelligent thing to do, so I left that part in.

This next method has managed to solve the problem I was having.

1) Build
2) Program
3) RESET! (this is the important part!)
4) Run

Now I can use debugger features normally.


It stopped working again.  sad

I don't understand.  I had this working yesterday.

I can Animate.  I can Step.  I can Run to Cursor, as long as it doesn't take long for execution go get there.  But if I Run, MPLAB locks up after about one second.

I have tried MPLAB 8.53 and 8.31.


Ended up purchasing a PICkit 3.  No problems now.  on-board PICkit 2 is still good for programming, just not debugging.
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Re: RE: Firmware for Explorer 16, 18F4550 (U2) (unofficial) 2014/07/05 04:08:30 (permalink)
thank you Rafalw, after so many years Smile

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