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Hot!pic18f46k80.h file has redefinition of 'I2C_STOP' causing compile error

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2020/12/04 13:45:09 (permalink)
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pic18f46k80.h file has redefinition of 'I2C_STOP' causing compile error

MCC version:    4.0.2 which uses PIC18 MCUs Library Version 1.81.6. 
MPLAB X version:    5.45
Operating System and version:    Windows10 HOME 
Compiler version:    XC8 2.31 
Device name:    PIC18F46K80 which associates with Pack PIC 18F-K_DFP version 1.4.87.
Peripheral: MSSP I2C

I am a MPLABX newbie migrating from MPLAB 8x using MPASM (I know…) attempting to port code to C.
All seems well in auto generating project files using MCC for a EUSART peripheral, but for a separate project having only an MSSP I2C enabled there are compiler issues which I would NOT expect from the MPLABX project as it uses ALL MPLABX source files.
While the issue MIGHT be with XC8, I believe it is with the pic18f46k80.h file downloaded with MCC so I have posted this issue in MCC and not “MPLAB X IDE” or “MPLAB XC8” forums.
After Building here is the error message:
1 error generated.
In file included from main.c:44:
In file included from ./mcc_generated_files/mcc.h:55:
./mcc_generated_files/i2c_master.h:68:5: error: redefinition of 'I2C_STOP'
C:/Program Files/Microchip/MPLABX/v5.45/packs/Microchip/PIC18F-K_DFP/1.4.87/xc8\pic\include\proc\pic18f46k80.h:41144:41: note: previous definition is here
extern volatile __bit                   I2C_STOP            __at(0x7E3C);       // @ (0xFC7 * 8 + 4)
1 error generated.
(908) exit status = 1
It is noted that pic18f46k80.h has two definitions for I2C_STOP (line # shown); and here is where the issue originates.
35335   unsigned I2C_STOP               :1;
41144    extern volatile __bit                   I2C_STOP            __at(0x7E3C);      // @ (0xFC7 * 8 + 4)
Are my expectations correct that I should be able to:
  • Create a project using the pic18f46k80 as the target
  • Select the I2C peripheral using MCC
  • Generate to create the MCC files
  • Build main.c and not have any compile errors (the build will “do” nothing as there is no user code created yet).Have I missed something obvious? Can someone do a quick test to see if they have the same results to take my setup out of the picture?
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      Re: pic18f46k80.h file has redefinition of 'I2C_STOP' causing compile error 2020/12/04 22:33:00 (permalink)
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      I have seen the same phenomen recently.
      It may  be different depending upon what version of XC8 is used, or maybe what DFP pack version is used.
      I do Not know why XC8 is suddenly defining symbols with prefix I2C,
      the name of the peripheral is MSSP, and the prefix for all registers have traditionally been SSPxxx,
      or with a peripheral index:   SSP1xxx, like SSP1STAT, SSP1CON1, SSP1CON2, ...
      I do not know wether it is a mistake, or a deliberate change in the device support header files.
      Anyway, I found it easier to change the code generated by MCC, than messing with device header files belonging to the compiler.
      I did change the enumeration symbol in i2c_master.h   from I2C_STOP   to I2C_STOP_O,
      for  Operation return code,
      and did a search for where the symbol was used.
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      Re: pic18f46k80.h file has redefinition of 'I2C_STOP' causing compile error 2021/01/15 16:47:37 (permalink)
      Please log this as a bug in the ticketing system if you have confirmed it- https://microchipsupport.force.com/s/
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