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Hot!ICD4 and ICSP problem

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2020/10/19 08:46:31 (permalink)

ICD4 and ICSP problem

I'm trying to program a 16F877a (DIP40) with my ICD4 or ICD3.
I've made a cable with a RJ11 and I solder direclty on my PIC.
I've verified PGC and PGD and all the other pin( MCLR VPP VDD). I've connected the ICD4 power supply and activated the "Power target circuit" check in the IPE.
When I try to connect with my pic I've this error:
Target Device ID (0x0) is an Invalid Device ID. Please check your connections to the Target Device.

Please help

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    Re: ICD4 and ICSP problem 2020/10/19 10:30:26 (permalink)
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    Most likely this is some sort of connection problem - something is not connected correctly. Aside of PGC/PGD/MCLR, you need to connect VDD and ground. You should also connect a PGM pin (or tie it to GND if you do HVP).
    It is also possible that PICkit4 have killed your chip with overvoltage - Microchip recommend 100 Ohm serial resistor on MCLR to prevent this.
    Finally, there might be some sort of firmware/software problem because your chip is old.
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    Re: ICD4 and ICSP problem 2020/10/19 14:45:30 (permalink)

    You should also connect a PGM pin (or tie it to GND if you do HVP).

    Just to be clear, NorthGuy is talking about tying the PIC's RB3/PGM pin to ground, not the programmer's pin.


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    Re: ICD4 and ICSP problem 2020/10/19 22:47:04 (permalink)
    Of course grin: grin,
    I've tried to pull down RB3 but the result is the same.
    I've verified my wiring , my VDD is 5V.
    It is a shame my old picstart is not compatible with IPE anymore sad: sad
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