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Hot!PIC16LF1937 or Newer Pic

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2020/09/26 11:36:38 (permalink)

PIC16LF1937 or Newer Pic

I'm using the pic16lf1937 in a design that was working well.  But now for reasons myself or microchip tech support can't resolve I'm having an incredibly difficult time with the pic, my setup and programming the device.
I have to spin a new design because I'm changing some things in the application (going from a stepper motor and stepper controller to a permanent magnet dc motor with a pwm h-bridge).
My needs are simple:
1 ADC, a PWM output and 17 IO 
I'm looking at the 8 bit microcontrollers so my question is:
Is there a newer family of controllers I should migrate to?

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    Re: PIC16LF1937 or Newer Pic 2020/09/26 16:35:17 (permalink)
    PIC16(L)F19xx       are microcontrollers with builtin LCD display drive electronics.
    If you do Not use the LCD drive feature,
    then there are many pin-compatible PIC microcontrollers that can do ADC, PWM and I/O.
    There are also now PIC16(L)F191xx   (one more digit) family of microcontrollers, also with LCD drive,
    but also other differences, among other different ADC peripheral with 12 bit resolution.
    I am not convinced that changing the device family will solve any problem that is experienced.
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    Re: PIC16LF1937 or Newer Pic 2020/09/26 16:47:03 (permalink)
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    Unless you actually need the capacitance sensing module and LCD drive modules, I would use a different PIC. The PIC16(L)F18855-75 is quite versatile and I have used it with MCC, which simplifies the setting of various registers and the PPS. And there is an evaluation board available. It definitely will work for a DC motor H-bridge, but I don't think it can do a three phase bridge, which would be important to me, but perhaps you would not need that.

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    Re: PIC16LF1937 or Newer Pic 2020/09/27 05:27:30 (permalink)
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    If you're choosing a new MCU, I would go with one of PIC16F1xxxx - they have new periphery, such as logic cells, allegedly better layout of SFRs etc.
    However, PIC16F1937 is already a newer design which solved many problems common to earlier PIC16s. Therefore, if you want to keep it because you re-use a large portion of your existing project, there's no compelling reason to switch to PIC161xxxx.
    Also, dsPIC33 are much more advanced and fast PICs, many of them specifically designed for driving motors. Although, it is probably an overkill for the job.
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