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2020/08/10 08:34:45 (permalink)

Harmony 3 Presentation Layer

I posted part of this to an answer in another post, but I'm still having issues and before going to microchip support I would like to check the issue is not just my installation.
Starting a new project with the PIC32MZ2048EFM144 (Same as demo project) and copying all the wolfmqtt_demo settings harmony 3 fails to include
  1. mqtt_net_glue.c and mqtt_net_glue.h,
  2. does not update initialization.c netPresCfgs[]
  3. does not generate net_pres_enc_glue.c and net_pres_enc_glue.h
The issue is around adding Wolffssl and linking the presentation layer to enable TLS, I have tried various devices and how I add the modules / perform the interconnect, but always the glue functions / defines are missing.  
In Harmony 2 the presentation layer had the enable encryption checkbox that would then add the glue. Harmony 3 this is missing and I think one of the internal flags is not set cause various things like net_pres_ENC_Glue.ftl to not add the functions needed to the project.
My installation is as follows,
MPLAB X 5.40
XC32 2.4
Core 3.5.1
Net 3.6.1
BSP 3.7.0
CSP 3.7.1
Dev_packs 3.7.0
crypto 3.5.1
usb 3.6.0
Wolfssl 4.3.0
wolfMQTT 1.2.1
If someone has a spare 20 minutes can they please check this happens with their setup before I open a support ticket.

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    Re: Harmony 3 Presentation Layer 2020/08/14 04:55:55 (permalink)
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    So if someone has the same problem,
    I've had all sorts of problems with Harmony 3 just not working, demos won't build, can't create projects that build and generally just finding the whole thing a complete mess.
    However, on my 5th reinstall I noticed that the Harmony 3 Content Manager was not checking out the modules correctly when I try to resolve all the dependencies for a module. The manager seems to really fall over when a module has submodules as these are not being unpacked.
    I gave up in the end and just use Sourcetree to now manage the harmony repos, the dependencies are critical to things actually working and if one is off then the whole thing won't work. 
    I don't understand why the content manager downloads the latest releases of everything and not the last WORKING versions of modules, you would then have a working installation and can choose to upgrade as needed.
    I suppose this isn't the Microchip way anymore and it's just dumped in a Git repo and let your paying customers spend 3 weeks of their employment sorting out getting more than a blinking LED working. 
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