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Hot!SST26WF080B's sector gets corrupt!

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2020/07/30 04:19:20 (permalink)

SST26WF080B's sector gets corrupt!


I'm using the SST26WF080B Flash with SPI interface. At present, in my application, sometimes I write the bulk amount of data into the flash. While accessing the flash if suddenly either the power of the board cuts-off or I put the controller into the programming mode. So, randomly the Flash gets corrupted, more precisely, only the particular sector which was being accessed during the interruption gets corrupted. Resultant, the access to that particular sector gets disabled. Hence, is there a way to avoid such scenarios?.
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Re: SST26WF080B's sector gets corrupt! 2020/07/30 13:56:39 (permalink)
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Cutting the power while writing to flash will always result in corrupt data. You can add checksums so you at least know what data is corrupt and what is valid. There are many ways to do this.
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Re: SST26WF080B's sector gets corrupt! 2020/07/30 16:13:28 (permalink)
I'm curious what "access gets disabled" means.
Can't you just overwrite that same sector with new information?

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