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Hot!Debugging hangs when entering any function (JAL instruction)

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2020/07/06 10:43:39 (permalink)

Debugging hangs when entering any function (JAL instruction)

Good morning, i have an issue wherein i start debugging while watching the disassembly and at the first JAL instruction the debugger (and the whole IDE environment) hangs.  I have commented out the first function of the program, but sure enough the next JAL instruction also causes the IDE to hang.
Here is an example of the disassembly i'm looking at (really nothing special):
! initTMR1(25000);//1mS system tick from 25MHz pbclk
0x9D0038C0: ADDIU A0, ZERO, 25000
0x9D0038C4: JAL initTMR1
0x9D0038C8: NOP

The compilation generates no warnings.  And to add to the confusion, if i program the PIC the firmware runs correctly, no issues!  Its just debugging thats troublesome.
I'm working with a PIC32MZ2048EFH.
I tried digging a little deeper and it seems i cant single step into any function from any files outside of main.c.
I have commented everything out of my program and left only the SYS_Initialize that sets up the clock and ports (that all of harmony that i typically use).  initPRISS is defined above in main.c, and i can single step through that.  However when i get to SYS_Initialize(NULL) the next step hangs the debugger and the IDE becomes non-responsive.  I'm at a loss for whats going on.
void initPRISS(void) {
PRISSbits.PRI1SS = 1;
PRISSbits.PRI2SS = 2;
PRISSbits.PRI3SS = 3;
PRISSbits.PRI4SS = 4;
PRISSbits.PRI5SS = 5;
PRISSbits.PRI6SS = 6;
PRISSbits.PRI7SS = 7;
int main (void){

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