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Hot!Never mind: Unable to output on pin RA8 on PIC32MK

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2020/07/02 12:17:15 (permalink)
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Never mind: Unable to output on pin RA8 on PIC32MK

Never mind. I had old code enabling DAC3 which grabbed the A8 pin. My bad. Sorry.
- Bob
Has anyone had trouble outputting a signal on RA8 on a PIC32MK? I have a PIC32MK1024MCF064. I have the attached demo project. TRISA has bit 8 as zero, ANSELA has bit 8 zero, LATA has bit 8 set to one, but PORTA has bit 8 zero! Testing with a 'scope, I can confirm that the pin is low.
This happens on two different boards I've tried (completely different designs). On one of them pin RA8 has no connection. On neither board is the pin shorted to ground.
Pin RA8 is also the JTAG TDI, but I have #pragma config JTAGEN = OFF.
The errata says the ADC on this pin, AN26, is non-functional. But I'm using it as a digital pin, and there's nothing about that in the errata.
Any thoughts?
Thank you,
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    Re: Help: Unable to output on pin RA8 on PIC32MK 2020/07/04 10:24:06 (permalink)
    I would suggest making a simple single file test with just the pin test code to confirm the operation of that pin.  It is kind of hard for me at least to try and find all initialization happening through the harmony framework.
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