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Hot!Please help RN4871 not working.

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2020/06/05 13:13:39 (permalink)

Please help RN4871 not working.

We have already followed all the Threads about RN4870/71, all have read the Marty manual and nothing.
The deal is that we have designed our PCB with a RN4871, everything is working great but we can´t make the RN4871 work.
We have tryed everything, at last we have cut out the RN4871 from one of our pcb just to test it by it own.
We have followed all the instructables around, at last we just connect the Module to Vcc (+3,3v) and Gnd and also connected the  status led. We could see the module by a bluetooth app but when we try to connect it just disconnect inmediatly and it seems like the module turns off. We di not see it any more at least we turn the power off and on back.
Refering to our PCB, when we try to comunicate with the RN4871 through a level shifter from 5v to 3,3v. (we are using an Atmega32u4 with a TXB0104RUTR) we just recive the %REBOOT% and some times %error%, the module does not responde to the $$$  (with and with out /cr). We tested with an osciloscop and the level shifter is working well and we cann see the little data transfer (I talked about before) going throug at the right voltage level at both sides.
All the connections are well done, and even if it was the problem we took out one of the module from the PCB to test it by it own as I say at the beginning and it keeps not working.
Please if some one has any idea about what is going on it would be very helpful!

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    Re: Please help RN4871 not working. 2020/06/10 23:48:53 (permalink)
    I would sugget that you order one of the many demoboards for this device to get started fast :
    1/ https://www.microchip.com...PartNO/RN-4871-PICTAIL
    2/ https://www.microchip.com/design-centers/internet-of-things/iot-dev-kits/avr-ble-and-pic-ble-development-boards
    3/ https://www.microchip.com/DevelopmentTools/ProductDetails/PartNO/RN-4870-SNSR (for RN4870 but basically RN4871 is the same device with less GPIOs)
    the schematics of these boards are available generally in the demoboard user manual
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    Re: Please help RN4871 not working. 2020/06/13 10:23:15 (permalink)
    Do you have the necessary 10uf capacitor on the power pins?  I found it necessary.
    Are you using a crystal oscillator the the device communicating with the RN4871?
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