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is it possible to patch an *.Hex file

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2020/05/22 11:58:22 (permalink)

is it possible to patch an *.Hex file


i have a development board PIC18F47Q10 Curiosity Nano
wich include a HID bootloader
is it possible to develop a program for a 18F27Q10 DIP28
program on the nano board with a PIC 18F47Q10 , then to apply somme patches on the resulting *.Hex file
to change MCU ID ( 18F27Q10)  , pass over bootloader ...etc and correct CRC at each modified line of *.Hex file
(application without using extra I/O like PORTD!)
or maybe ,the easiest way is to do all test with 18F47Q10,
then copy the resulting source code and recompile with 27Q10 and uses Pickit4

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    Re: is it possible to patch an *.Hex file 2020/05/22 12:04:31 (permalink)
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    You can't change the PIC's ID.
    You can do whatever you want with a hex file, it's just text.  But of course if you do something like add a CRC to it, you'll have to use your own tools read it.  You can't use a MCHP programmer with your non-standard files.
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    Re: is it possible to patch an *.Hex file 2020/05/22 12:46:43 (permalink)
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    Possible, Yes.  Practical. No.
    If you are using MPLabX.  Add a New configuration for the second PIC.
    You may need to add a few #defines to cover and difference between the two PICs.  Like Config Registers for example.
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