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Hot!problem with SST25vf08b after all chip delete command

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2020/04/19 07:09:33 (permalink)

problem with SST25vf08b after all chip delete command

hi, to all . i am use now a flash memory with big capacity = SST25vf08b = 8 MegaBits = 1 MEGA BYTE. but from link for driver who is http://ww1.microchip.com/downloads/en/DeviceDoc/SST25VF080B.txt
is open just a txt file with only function. THERE IS NO FILE FOR mplab ide 5.35 xc8 compiler to can add and use it like a driver.
after 3 days testing a function from txt file i found that a strange issue after using chip erase
void Chip_Erase()
{ CE_Low(); /* enable device */
Send_Byte(0x60); /* send Chip Erase command (60h or C7h) */
CE_High(); /* disable device */
memory want to be a program again from code in processor, and need to be disconnect from power and reconect again. also some time need to be just read in other programmer tool like EZP2019 /this works fine/ AND just after that can be programed on current board.
QUESTION 1: when i can download a real example file with full order of using functions from txt file?
QUESTION 2 : when will be good to use smaller SPI FLASH from 25LCxxx series with full driver and examples files for MPLAB IDE 5.35
QUESTION 3 : when you make this RED TEXT IN ALL SITE some color to can read normal because RED ON GRAY IS NOT READ AT ALL ?!?!?!
QUESTION 4 : HOW A THIS BIG MULTY BILION COMPANY LIKE YOU, can not make a simple site AND UPDATE LIBS and examples files for all chips that nieed  this ?!!?!?!?!
here i want to say some ugly words for all of you "BIG" programmers and electronics engineers, but very ugly words for all of you engeneer division AND PROGRAMMERS TOO, because i download a sors code for 25LC040 from 2005 year that CAN NOT BE STARTED NEVER !!!!
i am using your products from may be 10 years but i am very peaced off already !!!! START MAKING ALL YOU JOB in hardware and software LIKE MUST BE OR go to hell with all sh....t programmers, processors and engineers !!!
banned me is not solution !!! simple way is ask what you need to do because from 10 years till now i see you have no fuc..ing idea what you need to do for your customers !!! that is !!! :\

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    Re: problem with SST25vf08b after all chip delete command 2020/04/19 07:52:01 (permalink)
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    this is a user forum, you could actually send your thoughts to Microchip at   https://support.microchip.com 
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