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Hot!dsPICDEM-MCLV-2, AN1160, need help translating .DMCI file to .XML file

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2020/04/06 14:30:30 (permalink)

dsPICDEM-MCLV-2, AN1160, need help translating .DMCI file to .XML file

For starters, I have been using PIC processors since Microchip introduced the PICstart Plus programmer and MPLAB came on 3.5" Floppies.  I'm also a very experienced analog / mixed signal engineer with 20+ years of professional work.
First off, while searching for dsPICDEM, I can see there is 180 results, and page one is displaying items 1 through 20  (see picture below).  But apparently there is no scrollbar to see items 3-20.  That is why I am posting - I don't have much patience for forum webpages that cannot create a scrollbar in either Firefox or Chrome (and I am fully updated and all ad blockers and script blockers are off).
So my question is I have purchased a dsPICDEM MCLV-2 system with Hurst Motor and PIM modules appropriate to the AN1160 firmware.
The app note uses real-time-data-monitoring (RTDM) which is supposed to work with the DMCI tool.  However, AN1160 was written for MPLAB IDE version 8-something and I am using the latest version of MPLAB-X.  The DEMO.dmci file that came with AN1160 doesn't open in the MPLAB-X DMCI plugin.  The latter is looking for a .xml file.
Does anyone know of a tool, app, patch, etc. that can translate an older .dmci file to the newer .xml format?
Thanks in advance.


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    Re: dsPICDEM-MCLV-2, AN1160, need help translating .DMCI file to .XML file 2020/06/01 03:47:48 (permalink)
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    Do not use it, use X2CScope + Scilab, it let you plot 8 variable  in "realtime" in/output ports or any register from dsPIC. https://www.sim2tronic.com/
    If you really need to use DMCI just install old MPLAB. It still works.
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