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Hot!DP83848 PHY Driver - Harmony 3

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2020/03/25 14:55:00 (permalink)

DP83848 PHY Driver - Harmony 3

The PHY driver for DP83848 doesn't seem to be supported yet in Harmony 3. Has anyone been able to get it working? If so, what steps did you take?
Processor: PIC32MZ1024EFG100
The hardware works well with Harmony V2.06, so I know the design is good.
I'm using the example H3 project: web_net_server_nvm_mpfs pic32mz_ef_sk
I tried using the DP83848 driver that is included in the H3 folder, but keep getting the error:
DRV PHY init failed: -1 (No PHY was detected or it failed to respond to reset command)
Other settings:
PHY Address = 1
Any clues? Thanks!

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    Re: DP83848 PHY Driver - Harmony 3 2020/03/26 07:05:31 (permalink)
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    The DP83848 driver for H3 will be part of the coming Harmony 3 net release - probably next week.
    Richard Hambly
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    Re: DP83848 PHY Driver - Harmony 3 2020/05/29 09:50:55 (permalink)
    Is there any progress on this? I found a driver for the DP83848  in ...Harmony\net\driver\ethphy\src\dynamic but it is not supported by the Harmony 3 Configurator and is not shown in ...Harmony\net\driver\ethphy\config.
    I inserted the DP83848 driver manually and it compiles with no errors but the DP83848 fails to initialize. No errors are reported. I set the parameters to match my current design,
    Processor: PIC32MX795F512L
    Interface: RMII, default pins.
     Environment: Harmony Version 3 with all modules updated as of 29-May-2020 by Content Manager. Net is V3.5.1.
    In configuration.h:
    #define DRV_ETHPHY_INDEX 1
    #define DRV_ETHPHY_NEG_DONE_TMO 2000
    #define DRV_ETHPHY_RESET_CLR_TMO 500
    In initialization.c:
    #pragma config FMIIEN = OFF // 1 = MII is enabled, 0 = RMII
    #pragma config FETHIO = ON // 1 = Default Ethernet I/O Pins, 0 = Alternate
    The target hardware works very well when compiled with the pre-Harmony libraries, the latest of which is Microchip Solutions Version from 2013-06-15. Unfortunately, That only works with XC32 compiler 1.34 and earlier. That is not a sustainable environment for continued maintenance of my existing products.
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    Re: DP83848 PHY Driver - Harmony 3 2020/05/29 11:01:54 (permalink)
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    I actually did get the DP83848 driver working.  The source files are already there, but you have to modify some Python and Freemarker files to inform the H3C that they're there.
    Try out the attached files; just remove the ".txt" at the end because it's actually a ZIP file.  I swear these forums used to support ZIP files, but maybe someone decided that these forums were working TOO well and decided to fix that.  Anyway, I think these are all of the ones I modified to get the PHY going.  You should be able to copy them over the net/ directory in Harmony 3 (though maybe back stuff up first for good measure).
    Edit:  I should mention that using these will make the driver visible in the Configurator, so you shouldn't have to do any manual copying.  At least, I haven't had to.
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    Richard Hambly
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    Re: DP83848 PHY Driver - Harmony 3 2020/05/30 14:31:01 (permalink)
    Thank you. The files worked perfectly. I looked at the sources and I would probably gotten there myself eventually but you saved me a huge amount of time. Now I do not need to fight with the Configurator anymore.
    I am still struggling to get the DP83848 PHY initialized correctly, but I am making progress.
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