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PIC32MM0064GPL020 - Low Voltage Programming

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2020/03/25 07:53:19 (permalink)

PIC32MM0064GPL020 - Low Voltage Programming

I am using a PIC32MM0064GPL020 with a Vdd of 2V0.
I have tried programming it with a ICD3, ICD4, PicKit3, REAL ICE.  All of the programmers return "Failed to connect to the target device.  Failed to get Device ID"
When I up the regulator voltage to 3V0 I am able to program and debug. 
The data sheet for the device allows programming and operation down to 2V.  Cannot find any mention of Low voltage or programming issue in the silicon Errata.
I have a 5k1 pull up to Vdd on MCLR and nothing on the PGD/PGC lines.  I am using PGED3/PGEC3.
I have disabled all BOR register. 
I am at a loss, any help much appreciated.

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    Re: PIC32MM0064GPL020 - Low Voltage Programming 2020/03/25 13:35:49 (permalink)
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    The datasheet shows ICSP programming Vmin as Vbor (parameter D131), and Vbor as 1.92-2.22V (parameter DC17B), so realistically at 2.0V Vdd you are trusting to luck, and failing :-(.
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    Re: PIC32MM0064GPL020 - Low Voltage Programming 2020/03/25 14:52:12 (permalink)
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    Also note "Low Voltage programming" applies to not needing a high voltage on the MCLR/VPP pin, not to using a low VDD voltage.

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