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Hot!Change Config Tools To Bm83 without Audio Development Board

Embedded KaruF
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2020/01/28 02:08:59 (permalink)

Change Config Tools To Bm83 without Audio Development Board

Hi everyone,
I have get BM83 bluetooth audio module at last days.I need to some config change on BM83 but there isnt BM83 development board on stock at digikey.I have to set some property on BM83 nearly at this time.
So, ı have get success work to BM83 with play music,some process about incoming and outgoing call but ı haven't get success about microphone input(analog microphone or digital microphone input-doesn't matter)..I have tried programming with directly any uart converter it is not work(need to be MCP2200 on config tools application).I have tried ota with 'Demo_Package_Embedded_Analog_Rehex_0FD2.HEX' file but when ı tried programming to BM83 with this file MBA (Microchip Bluetooth Audio Application) , MBA has going to restart(So it doesnt work).

I need to routed microphone input to speaker output(So its means İnternal Codec(I2S)) and ı need to active analog or digital microphone input.So can you help me about how can ı programming bm83 without Development Board?
DP:Demo_Package_Embedded_Analog_Rehex_0FD2.HEX file has created by Microchip for OTA...
Edit:Now,ı am trying programing to bm83 with arduino uart protocol.But bm83 doesnt in host mode.How can ı do that?

Best Regards...
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    Re: Change Config Tools To Bm83 without Audio Development Board 2020/06/03 01:54:55 (permalink)
    I also have a similar request.
    The various manuals refer to the fact that it is possible to modify the config file directly via USB with the config tool
    I quote "11. The generated * .hex can be directly programmed into the BM83 module by following the
    steps mentioned in the BM83 Bluetooth® Audio
    Development Board User's Guide (Section 5.2
    Firmware Update). It is possible to update only
    this config file by just selecting this .hex file in
    the update process and selecting image number
    to 1 in the isUpdate tool. "
    I tried to perform the procedure without success.
    There is no complete guide in all manuals on how to use and modify the system.
    I recommend implementing it because some steps are not clear.
    I use bm64 modules successfully but the procedure is different
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    Re: Change Config Tools To Bm83 without Audio Development Board 2020/08/04 04:31:10 (permalink)
    You should be able to load different images (MCU, DSP and config) to the device with the isConfig Tool. Download the "IS2083 Software and Tools" package from the BM83 website and refer to the isUpdate Tool User Guide v2.00 section 3.
    However the isUpdate tool seems to be very unreliable. It seems that if I touch some settings in the ConfigTool I won´t be able to upload the image at all. Every time I get stuck with a "WriteFlash fail [Error code 0x00]", and the procedure is cancelled. Sometime the tool shuts down when I click the update button.
    I was hoping that the new release 1.1.0 has addressed these issues but unfortunately not. The device could be sucessfully updated to the lastest turnkey version with OTA (I received a succeed message) but after the reboot no BT functions at all. Even not recognizable with the MBA app. If I try to downgrade the device I´m encountering the same WriteFlash fails.
    I´m using the isUpdateTool v2.97, IS208x_Config_GUI_Tool v1.2.25 with Turnkey v1.1.0 files for embedded mode (AT_IS208x_UI_1.2.25_Demo_Package_Embedded_Mode.hex , AT_1.00.0018.hex and MSPK2.0_DSP_FW_V1.03.000A.hex)
    Please advise someone, thank you!
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