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Hot!Harmony 3 guides and procedures?

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2020/01/16 05:23:21 (permalink)

Harmony 3 guides and procedures?

Using Harmony 3 for a project including Free-RTOS with TCP, UDP,
Which parts of the Harmony generated code am I 'allowed' to edit?  Is any file auto-generated by Harmony and put in the project folder fair game for me to edit? 
For example I want, on startup, to read my EEPROM (code for which works fine, via harmony eeprom driver) to set up the TCP stack before it's initialised.  So can I remove the TCPIP_STACK_Init call from SYS_Initialize in default\initialization.c and call it myself later, after the EEPROM has been read?
I found that TCPIP_Helper_StringToIPAddress didn't behave how I'd hoped (insists on a \0 immediately after the last digit of the IP, in spite of it checking for other reasonable terminators...) so rather than edit it I made a copy of the whole function and edited that instead...
What's the 'proper' way of doing things?  Are there any guides or guidlines out there?
Is there any way of marking edited code so Harmony configurator will leave it alone (other than manually not appyling Harmony's changes)?
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    Re: Harmony 3 guides and procedures? 2020/02/06 19:47:56 (permalink)
    You can edit any file in your project folder, including library files. You'll see that after re-configuration the user updated files come up in diff/merge utility for you to make choices. Very useful.
    Generally I figure, it was designed the way ideally for the user to change those "user" files which are in the root directory (not in "config") . But you can change any.
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