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Hot!AGP LIN Serial Analyzer

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2019/12/13 03:58:47 (permalink)

AGP LIN Serial Analyzer

Hi everybody,
I am going to reprogram AGP LIN Serial Analyzer (PIC18F2450) for an applicatio, using PicKit3.
MCC doesn't support the PIC18F2450.
Is tehre any way to use MCC for another PIC, instead PIC18F2450?
Is there any way to get the LIN library work for this PIC?


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    Re: AGP LIN Serial Analyzer 2019/12/13 10:10:09 (permalink)
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    If you can, choose a different PIC, a newer model supported by MCC. Newer are cheaper with more features then that old one.
    But if you can't choose a different one and you have to use MCC, try to choose a supported PIC which is a bit similar to your old mcu. After configuration with MCC make the changes manually according to your mcu.

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    Re: AGP LIN Serial Analyzer 2019/12/13 13:05:29 (permalink)
    The LIN lib does hardly require more than a L8N-capable U(S)ART.
    Thus it shouldn't be too difficult to port it to a LIN-enabled derivative.
    BTW: PICs are even programmable without using MCC. Take the datasheet . . .

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