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Hot!First ADC-read always zero, Pic18LF67K40

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2019/12/11 03:44:54 (permalink)

First ADC-read always zero, Pic18LF67K40

I have an interesting(?) problem... When reading from the ADC, I always get 0 on the first read, whereas the second and third reads give reasonable values.
It doesn't matter if I have a long delay in before the first read or do it immediately, so it is not a question of the measured voltage not having time to reach the right levels.
The port is initialized as analog in (and would the later reads succeed if that was the issue?), the processor is an Pic18LF67K40 running at 16 MHz.
void adconStart(void) {
    ADCON0bits.ADCS = 0; // Fosc / ADCLK
    ADCON0bits.ADFM = 1; // right justified
    ADCLK = 0b00000111; // fosc/16  Fosc/(2*(n+1))
    ADREF = 0x00;
    ADPCH = channel;
    ADCON0bits.ADON = 1;        // enable the A/D
    ADCON0bits.ADGO = 1;          // start conversion
UINT16 adconRead(UINT8 channel) {
    UUINT16 result;

    while (ADCON0bits.ADGO);      // wait for completion
    result.u8msb = ADRESH;
    result.u8lsb = ADRESL;
    return result.u16;


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    Re: First ADC-read always zero, Pic18LF67K40 2019/12/11 12:40:27 (permalink)
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    Set  up the ADC once at the start of your code, not every reading.
    Read the datasheet ADC chapter again, particularly with regards to "acquisition time".
    You must either wait the required acquisition time AFTER selecting a channel, but BEFORE setting the GO bit, or you must enable the built in acquisition delay via the ADACQ register.

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    Re: First ADC-read always zero, Pic18LF67K40 2019/12/12 02:13:11 (permalink)
    Thanks for your answer, I will have a look at acquisition time, I had read that part, but not really understood it :).

    The reason for the set up every time is that we read from different channels, and that one is read at a different clock rate and with left-justification instead. I removed this code, since it did't really pertain to the question (I hope) and I wanted to publish as little of the code as possible :D.
    Do you think this might be part of the issue?
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