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Hot!Harmony3 WiFi + Ethernet example

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2019/12/11 02:37:02 (permalink)

Harmony3 WiFi + Ethernet example

A few years ago I worked with Stack v5.42 (now MLA) on a PIC32.
We perform a webserver and remote firmware updates successfully.
We also managed to launch a web server example through WiFi (MRF24) and Ethernet at the same time with Stack v6.
After seeing the potential of harmony3 we are thinking of migrating part of the development to more powerful microcontrollers. We would also like to add a WiFi module.
However, after consulting the wireless examples in Harmony3 (https://github.com/Microc..MPLAB-Harmony/wireless) I do not see that there is any example for harmony with WiFi and Ethernet at the same time.
In the short term, are you planning to make an example in Harmony 3 of webserver with the ATWILC3000 (Stack in Host) + Ethernet at the same time?
Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Harmony3 WiFi + Ethernet example 2019/12/11 07:58:23 (permalink)
    this is a user forum, some Microchip people do look at this forum.
    You can ask Microchip directly yourself by opening a support ticket at https://support.microchip.com
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    Re: Harmony3 WiFi + Ethernet example 2020/01/07 04:04:13 (permalink)
    It seems that microchip has no intention of supporting ATWILC3000 with harmony.
    What we need is :
    - Support Bluetooth classic SPP to UART.
    - WiFi mode (stack on Host) HTTP server through SPI.
    - Classic Ethernet.
    It is possible to do this with the ATWINC3400 (Coexistence of BT and WiFi) with harmony or ASF.
    In harmony https://github.com/Microchip-MPLAB-Harmony/wireless , we have configured (Ethernet mode - Stack on host) for the ATWINC3400, however there are errors when generating the code.
    If it is going to be a headache to do this, ... should we consider using the ESP32 instead for wireless BT/WiFi?
    Thanks in advance!
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    Re: Harmony3 WiFi + Ethernet example 2020/01/08 09:54:58 (permalink)
    I'd review the Amazon FreeRTOS offering, they may have a reference project with the winc3400.
    It didn't seem to me with harmony 2 that it was really more than something thrown together enough to demo the wilc1000.  I ended up using the ASF framework directly with freertos as it seemed the freertos demos were written in a style I could reference better.
    Plus, the ASF tends to have newer firmware fixes, you won't be sure which version harmony has baked into it without some research.

    Erik Friesen
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