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Hot!Pickit 4 With Windows 10 PC Does Not Work

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2019/11/18 09:37:10 (permalink)

Pickit 4 With Windows 10 PC Does Not Work

My friend and I have been testing out two new Pickit 4 Programmers.  We have downloaded/installed the MPLAb version 5.3 software on several different Windows 7 and Windows 10 desktop PCs and laptops.  We have confirmed that the Pickit 3 programmer works fine on these PCs.  The Pickit 4 programmer mostly does not work with Windows 10 (using the Microchip supplied USB cable).  We are using a Chinese ZIP adapter board.  I also used a home-brew adapter board.  Whenever we try to program a PC16F505 chip, we get Erase verification errors.  1 try out of 5, the programming cycle will complete.  We never have been able to get a programming cycle to complete with Windows 7.  The Pickit 4 gets very warm after being connected to the USB port for several hours.  Using USBDeView (https://www.nirsoft.net/utils/usb_devices_view.html), we see a current draw of 500 ma.  For the Pickit 3, the current draw is less than 100 ma.
I was able to use a 8 year old Chinese PIC programmer to program the Pic16F505 on my Windows 10 PCs without any problems.  The Chinese adapter board and the home-brew adapter board work fine with the Pickit 3. 
For further confirmation, the PIC16F505 chip programmed in the Pickit 3 works correctly in the circuit board that I have been testing.
I cannot imagine that we have two bad Pickit 4 programmers.  I also do not understand why the Pickit 4 is drawing so much current.  I have confirmed that the PC USB ports are putting out 5 volts.

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    Re: Pickit 4 With Windows 10 PC Does Not Work 2019/11/19 10:41:00 (permalink)
    The power shown in USBDeview is not measured, it's just the maximum that device is allowed to take.  It's so that USB systems can budget the power.  ICD4 here is allowed 500mA, but it's actually taking 330mA, which is still pretty thirsty!  PICkit3 here also says 500mA, but actually measures as 40mA (according to a USB power meter) when it's sitting idle.
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    Re: Pickit 4 With Windows 10 PC Does Not Work 2019/11/19 14:17:44 (permalink)
    PICkit4 has good support for newer devices, but it's a new programmer and doesn't support older devices as well as PICkit3 did.
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    Re: Pickit 4 With Windows 10 PC Does Not Work 2019/11/19 15:24:01 (permalink)
    Are you powering the target from the PICkit4?
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