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BUG: Harmony3 I²C3 and I2C driver

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2019/11/08 06:03:00 (permalink)

BUG: Harmony3 I²C3 and I2C driver

Here is another bug. Steps to reproduce:
Create new Harmony3 project.
Use PIC32MX795F512L
Add I²C driver to your project graph.
Add Peripherals->I2C->I2C3
Connect the peripheral to the driver.
Press build.
It won't build.
The failure you get is:
../src/config/default/initialization.c:140:44: error: 'I2C3_IRQn' undeclared here (not in a function)
The corresponding row in initialization.c looks like this:
    .intSources.i2cInterrupt             = I2C3_IRQn,
If you choose other peripherals than I2C3 (i.e. I2C2) it will build. I did not try all the peripherals, but unfortunately it is on my physical board connected to this interrface.
What can be done to correct that?
XC32 v2.00
Harmony v.3.5.0
PPS: I am really getting annoyed by Harmony, it seems full of bugs  and it does the opposite of it's intention: I need much more time to get a system running in Harmony, than in plain old standard code wrtitten by myself. It is simply a mess and I am extremly unsatisfied with the way things went since the introduction of Harmony.
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