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2019/10/17 00:14:41 (permalink)

SPI5 & Sensors

Hello Guys,
i am Student. i have to work of a project with SPI5-protocol and Sensors.
my task consist to contruct an ECU, which establish a communication between Uc and Sensors.
this communication schould use the SPI5 Protocol.
I don't have big experiance with Electronic.
please i want to have some advice:
- how can i start it? how can i implemate the spi5 protcol in the uC??
- how can i add sensors to triger a communication between them?
thanks a lot

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    Re: SPI5 & Sensors 2019/10/17 12:36:03 (permalink)
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    What is your experience? Have you programmed ANY microcontroller before?
    Do you intend working in C, or machine language?
    Have you selected a PIC device to use?
    Do you have a working PCB with one of these PIC devices on it? (e.g. a Microchip evaluation board?)
    Do you have enough knowledge to get this board to flash an LED once per second?
    Do you have documentation for this "SPI5" protocol?
    (The only match I found with a quick Google search is "The SPI-5 draft standard is the fifth-generation definition of the SCSI-3 Physical Layer.")

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