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MHC V3...a step backward?

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2019/10/07 13:14:29 (permalink)

MHC V3...a step backward?

Taking a look at Harmony V3 and the following are annoying/major problems:
1.  It took longer for me to install the MHC libraries with the "new improved method"
     than it did to upgrade to Win10/1903.
2.  V2 had a user interface that was moving in a promising direction.  V3 seems like
     someone dipped into the wacky weed one too many times as it is cumbersome
     and totally unintuitive.  With V2, it was a simple scroll down the intuitive list,
     add the functionality, and click create.  Instead, someone decided, lets put a bunch
     of useless boxes on the display just because it looks neat.
3.  Creating a new project seemed like I was working with an old PC AT using MHC V3
     and MPLABX 5.25 and needed to find something else to do while each step crawled to
     the next.
4.  No "upgrade path" from Harmony V2.x projects.  So if you have a V2 project, it looks
     like you never upgrade MPLABX for fear that it may break that project.  BTW, don't upgrade
     Windows or PC for fear it won't run a working combo of MPLABX and Harmony V2.  However,
     this really didn't surprise me as Harmony seems to be a side project with no real direction.

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    Re: MHC V3...a step backward? 2019/10/07 13:21:41 (permalink)
    Harmony is a massive undertaking so like any big program there will be bugs and problems that sneak through.
    Also the development costs of coming up with Harmony must have been very high.
    I had a USB bug where if I closed down the pc program, waited 5 seconds then went back into the pc program the PIC USB had locked up. Turned out Harmony 2.06 had a bug and I was advised to go back to Harmony 2.04 and that fixed it.
    Its really tedious having to set up clock PLL#s in software and the Harmony visual method is much better.
    The code generation is excellent and all I have to do is add to what Harmony generates.
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