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Hot!MPLAB X + ICD3 + 18F4685 : Can't do debug randomly 8/10 is not working

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2019/08/29 06:58:39 (permalink)

MPLAB X + ICD3 + 18F4685 : Can't do debug randomly 8/10 is not working

Hi, I've very often debug issue, and i can't debug randomly my very small board, many MPLABX messages : error connection to ICD3, command send and bad received,... Sometimes i changed nothing and it's working, sometimes not and begin a long time with many attempt to succeed to debug. sometimes, MPLABX became to be very slow when showing variable in watch view. I've rebooted my computer and doesn't seems to change something. Sometimes when launching the icon 'Debug Main Projet', MPLABX seems to freeze and ICD3 Red Led is on, the only way is to unplug the USB
The following memory area(s) will be programmed:
program memory: start address = 0x0, end address = 0x167f
configuration memory
Programming/Verify complete

An Error occurred while running
A tool request has been waiting for more than a second. The debug tool will try to service the request within another second. After that the request will be rejected.

User program finished
Could not connect to tool hardware: ICD3PlatformTool, com.microchip.mplab.mdbcore.ICD3Tool.ICD3DbgToolManager
The debugger could not be started. Terminating debug session.

MPLAB X : 5.20
XC8 Free : 2.05
The pic is correctly detected and identified, i can program in release without any issue, only debug seems to be problematic.
My board is powered in +5V, nothing on RB6/RB7, Same MCLR circuit reset i've already used for 18f4580 and many others.
(Look a the schematic)
The Quartz is 10Mhz with PLL, here's the pic config (see file)
It's very painful to develop in these conditions
I wonder if my ICD3 is faulty, is i'll be obliged to buy an ICD4, 
This afternoon, all going well, except few red leds on the ICD3, solved by deco/reco the USB cable and relaunching debug.
(it seems occurring especially after a long time in halt mode )
If somebody could give me an advice or solution ;)
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    Re: MPLAB X + ICD3 + 18F4685 : Can't do debug randomly 8/10 is not working 2019/08/29 07:03:11 (permalink)
    I sometimes find removing all the "watches" of the variables seems to help.
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