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Hot!AGC library not working?

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2019/08/20 21:54:31 (permalink)

AGC library not working?

I am using the AGC library to amplify small signals picked by the mic and attenuate loud signals so they can be processed by the FFT function from the DSP library.
I have initialized the AGC and set the amplitude target to 0.5f. I know from testing and documentation that if you pass anything to the DSP library outside of the range -0.5 to 0.5 fractcomplex format it will output garbage.
Is the 0.5f of the AGC equivalent to the -0.5 to 0.5 range for the DSP library? I am finding that if I pass values from the ADC that are near clipping my frequency detection stops working and get wrong results. My code is as follows:
void initAGC(void)

void readMic(void)//Sample microphone input
                sigCmpx[ix_MicADCbuff].real = ADC1_Channel0ConversionResultGet();
                sigCmpx[ix_MicADCbuff].imag = 0;

void alarmFreq(void)//Detect the dominant frequency of the audio picked by the microphone
    fractional maxValue = sigCmpx[0].real;
            if (sigCmpx[ix_MicADCbuff].real>maxValue)
                maxValue = sigCmpx[ix_MicADCbuff].real;
        VectorScale(FFT_BLOCK_LENGTH, &sigCmpx[0].real, &sigCmpx[0].real, 0.5);
 FFTComplexIP (LOG2_BLOCK_LENGTH, &sigCmpx[0], (fractcomplex *) __builtin_psvoffset(&twiddleFactors[0]), (int) __builtin_psvpage(&twiddleFactors[0]));// Perform FFT operation
    BitReverseComplex (LOG2_BLOCK_LENGTH, &sigCmpx[0]);// Store output samples in bit-reversed order of their addresses
 SquareMagnitudeCplx(FFT_BLOCK_LENGTH, &sigCmpx[0], &sigCmpx[0].real);//Compute the square magnitude of the complex FFT output array so we have a Real output vector
    VectorMax(FFT_BLOCK_LENGTH/2, &sigCmpx[0].real, &peakFrequencyBin);//Find the frequency Bin ( = index into the SigCmpx[] array) that has the largest energy
 peakFrequency = peakFrequencyBin*(AUDIO_FS/FFT_BLOCK_LENGTH); //Compute the frequency (in Hz) of the largest spectral component

Right now my solution was to use the DSP function VectorScale() when the signal is bigger than 0.5 in combination with the AGC to amplify small signals.
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