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Hot!Harmony 3.x documentation?

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2019/08/20 13:30:24 (permalink)

Harmony 3.x documentation?

Hi all,
I installed harmony 3.4 and I see there are folders named "Docs" with HTML and .chm files in the framework destination folder.  Is clicking on the files the only way to access the documentation for harmony 3.x? 

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    Re: Harmony 3.x documentation? 2019/09/20 10:10:33 (permalink)
    Not sure if this is what you are looking for, but here is what I ran into when I first got into Harmony 3. This was my first attempt to use Harmony of any sort, so this might be obvious to others with experience with similar structure.  It was not intuitive to me for whatever reason. Seems like some help files are easy to navigate to and others are not. 
    For graphics I more or less stumbled into the help files here:
    When I was looking for help with timers, I knew it was in the core section so I just replaced the 'gfx' with 'core'
    It looks like you can just replace the name at the end for the relevant topic (or leave it blank for the main page).
    In some cases you can go to the harmony main web page and navigate to the help pages quickly. For instance with Motor Control, you can just go to the main page, scroll down to the motor control page, and there is a link in the wiki that says 'MPLAB Harmony 3 Motor Control Help'
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    Re: Harmony 3.x documentation? 2019/09/21 12:12:31 (permalink)
    the documentation you see on the CHM files is the exact copy on the one on github.
    As github is awesome, if you find errors or that it lacks information, you can suggest changes :D
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    Re: Harmony 3.x documentation? 2019/10/09 15:38:01 (permalink)
    In the doc folder in each repo that you have downloaded, there should be a .chm (compiled help) file and a .pdf file.  Double-click on either one for help for that repo.  (The gfx repo only has a .chm, the .pdf became too big.)
    In the docs folder, there are hundreds of .html files.  You want to double-click on index.html to start at the top level.
    In all three cases, the documentation is actually the same, just choose the format you prefer.
    The online GitHub page for Harmony 3 ( https://github.com/microchip-mplab-harmony)  has links to each repo.  If you navigate to one of the repos, you will see the same files I already mentioned.  However along the top, just below the name of the repo, are a bunch of tabs: Code, Issues, …  Click on Wiki and you will be taken to the wiki for that repo.  There you will find a lot more documentation that is not part of the downloaded repo, typically including tutorials and get started guides.
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