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2019/08/19 06:09:23 (permalink)

Multiple Input Change Notification (CN)

I am using the PIC24EP512GU810 and need to record multiple pulse inputs on various pins. I looked towards Iput Change Notification (ICN) due to being configurable to any pin. This is mainly due to the fact I require more readings than I do have interrupts.
The configuration of ICN seems easy enough, however, the problem arises when looking toward which pins have caused the interrupt. Further reading saw that some PICs have CNSTAT registers where you can check which pins have gone high. Unfortunately, my PIC does not have this luxury. Are there any ways around this or, other methods of reading input pulses on several pins (other than external interrupts)?
Other post which uses CNSTAT: https://www.microchip.com/forums/m847642.aspx

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    Re: Multiple Input Change Notification (CN) 2019/08/20 04:48:20 (permalink)
    How fast are your inputs changing?
    What is the shortest pulse you need to capture?
    Do you need to know a precise time WHEN a pin changed, or just note that it did?

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