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Hot!PMSM Servo Application based on AN1078

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2019/08/07 15:08:28 (permalink)

PMSM Servo Application based on AN1078

I am working on a PMSM Servo drive.  I have MCLV-2 EV board and 33EP256MC506 EXT and Int opam PIM boards and as well ASAM54 PIM board.
The servo drive should be able to go from Position A to B(and B to A) and Keep it, with user defined speed(0-100%). The idea to calculate Position is: (No of revs x encoder resolution) + actual POS1CNTL register value. Due to the fact that the whole FOC algo is very complicated I have an idea to reuse AN1078 in this way; that I will remove Speed estimator and will inject to the control algo a real data from QEI encoder.
In servo App the position should be kept even if there is no command so after Power cycle a '0' position should be kept.
Now I am wondering as AN1078 use open loop part of the code to get a Theta angle before jumping to closed loop part, where a speed is controlled ( if I understood it correct). I would like to add a cascaded Position Controller ( speed controller would be slave)>
So can I just cut the open loop part of AN1078 code and use QEI encoder? Currently I am spining my motor with QEI, but sometimes after jumping to the closed loop part, it  is going reverse(against the open loop direction).
What else should I change or add? If that whole idea make any sense.
QEI needs to perform some movements to get actual angle, if a "0" position should be always the same.
Should I use absolute encoder (like Tamagawa) for my project or is it doable with QEI?
Perhaps there are any other easy to use nice solution? I am bit confused so any comments good and bad will be very appreciated.
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