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Required RPM not achieved using AN1162

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2019/08/06 22:28:47 (permalink)

Required RPM not achieved using AN1162

I have developed an ACIM drive with Microchip controller (PN: dsPIC33EP64MC206-I/PT) and using AN1162 as reference application note for firmware development. The firmware provided with AN1162 is working fine for lower RPM (upto 3000). However, I want to use same for RPM upto 20000.
I have two different motors (with different parameters) which should work with this board.
1. Motor to run with max RPM 6000.
I am using variable 'ReadADCParm.qADValue' for setting speed. In original firmware, this variable is set by reading POT position and it is right shifted by 3 (means divide by 8). In my application, to achieve double RPM I have right shifted it by 2 (instead of 3 in original AN1162 code). Motor is running fine in open loop upto 7000 RPM. However, in close loop RPM is limited to @4000.
Please let me know what more changes are required.
2. Motor to run with max RPM 20000.
With this motor I am using same variable 'ReadADCParm.qADValue' for setting speed.
With this motor,  I am able to achieve higher RPM (upto 7000) in close loop.
Please let me know what other changes are required so that, I can achieve higher RPM in close loop.

Thanks in advance.

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