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2019/07/16 23:12:42 (permalink)


Hello all,
I'm working in the design of a basic bike computer. For that, I'm using microcontroller PIC16F887. This pic is connected, via ant+, with speed and cadence sensors. Here is where my problem starts. 
These sensors, which use "ant+" protocol, send information with a rate of 4 Hz. This information is composed of 7 Bytes, and is trasnferred to the pic via UART. My question is: IS IT POSSIBLE TO TRANSFER TO PIC VIA UART THIS DATA WEIGTH? OR SHOULD I USE ANOTHER MICROCONTROLLER?
Thanks in advanced for your help.

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    Re: COMMUNICATION WITH EUSART PIC16 2019/07/18 13:44:23 (permalink)
    For starters, yes I would use a more modern controller. That one is ancient.
    It could do the job, but there are better/cheaper PIC16F devices available from Microchip now.
    I found the protocol description at https://www.thisisant.com...e-chipsets-and-modules
    The "4Hz" you specify must be how often values are sent, it is not the serial baud rate.
    That looks like it is selectable from 1200 to 57600 bps, with 4800 being the default speed.

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    Re: COMMUNICATION WITH EUSART PIC16 2019/07/18 14:21:21 (permalink)
    Almost every PIC in existence can trivially do what you're trying to do.  But as ric said, that PIC is a terrible choice, not because it can't do it, but because it's primitive and expensive.
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