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Hot!PIC12F675 debugger module AC162050 lost its OSCCAL calibration value.. unusable now ?

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2019/07/01 14:38:56 (permalink)

PIC12F675 debugger module AC162050 lost its OSCCAL calibration value.. unusable now ?

I used a PIC12F675 AC162050 debugger header module
to debug this tinny chip over the last years with success.
But yesterday while doing some programming tests
in MPLAB X IDE with PicKit3
it seems I lost the OSCCAL internal value
of the chip for the internal oscillator..
All the infos I found on the web so far is to
get OSCCAL value back to a standard PIC12F675,
But the actual PIC that's on the debugger header
is a special PIC12F675-ICD 14 pins IC to free up
the final 8 pins socket connected to the target board.
The only thing now that 'connects' to this debugger module
is using MPLAB IDE v8.92 with a ICD3
with the RJ connector to the AC162050 debugger module.
Doing so I get the following message:

MPLAB ICD 3 detected
Connecting to MPLAB ICD 3...
Running self test...
Self test completed
Firmware Suite Version...... 01.40.05
Firmware type................Midrange
MPLAB ICD 3 Connected.
Target Detected
Device ID Revision = 00000002
ICD3Err0085: The target has invalid calibration data (3fff)

But there is no way I found to force a OSCCAL value
in the 12F675-ICD IC inside MPLAB IDE using a ICD3 so,
I tried to use a PicKit3 with its standalone program (PicKit3 Programmer v3.10)
to force a value in the OSCCAL memory address.
The problem now is that the AC162050 module only
has a RJ connector to communicate with the PIC
and the PicKit3 has a 6 pins female header (with the pins connected correctly to the RJ)
so I had to make a 6 pins to RJ adapter to the debugger..
Now in the PicKit3 Programmer v3.10,
only the PicKit3 is detected and when I select
the PIC12F675 chip the program says
"No device detected".

By the way all the above tests were done
using a reliable target board with its supply @ +5VDC.
No supply from the debuggers.

I'm in a dead end now..
Can somebody help ?


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    Re: PIC12F675 debugger module AC162050 lost its OSCCAL calibration value.. unusable now ? 2019/07/02 00:47:47 (permalink)
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