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Suggestion for 40 PIN MCU

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2019/05/24 22:54:26 (permalink)

Suggestion for 40 PIN MCU

Dear all.
I am looking for  8 bits 40 pin 32kb program memory space supporting MPlab X IDe. My application most are digital I/o features . The controller should capable to withstand noise/EMI/EMC( It totally based on PCB layout). Its should be proven  and popularly moving in market .
I have been using PIC16F886/887  PIC18F1938 series. I haven't issue any problem with this controller. 


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    Howard Long
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    Re: Suggestion for 40 PIN MCU 2019/05/25 00:54:15 (permalink)
    What are your peripheral requirements?

    What are your power constraints?

    What performance do you require?

    How much RAM do you require?

    In terms of performance, the PIC18F45K42 is probably the best performing in 40 pin DIP, it also includes features such as DMA and vectored interrupts which are fairly unique in the PIC16/18 world.

    For PIC16, I recommend the PIC16F1xxx and 1xxxx series which have many improved core features over the older devices.

    The most modern are the PIC16F1xxxx series, beyond that you should check your peripheral requirements. Note that the PIC16F19xxx series don’t have high speed crystal oscillators, only watch crystals are supported.

    The parametric search tool is good start.
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    Re: Suggestion for 40 PIN MCU 2019/05/25 01:41:29 (permalink)
    PIC18F1938 ? Do such a device really exist?
    There is PIC16F1938 in 28 pin package, and PIC16F1939 in 40 and 44 pin packages. 
    These are devices with LCD display controller peripheral. Do you actually use the LCD controller?
    With 14 bit instruction word size and 16 k instruction word memory, there is 28 kByte program memory.
    There are not many PIC16 devices with more memory than that.
    You may see PIC16F19197 which have 32 k instruction words = 56 kByte program memory, but is a device in 64 pin package.
    If you do not actually use the LCD, there are many PIC devices with the same general purpose peripherals.
    Use the product selector pages in the Microchip website to get yourself an overwiew.
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    Re: Suggestion for 40 PIN MCU 2019/05/25 14:10:13 (permalink)
    If you're making a PCB, going with 40-pin DIP is not a very good idea. It is better to use a smaller SMD part. This way you can get more pins and lower the cost of PCB manufacturing and assembly.
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