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AnsweredPIC18F46K22 UART2 Handler issue

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2019/05/19 06:30:02 (permalink)

PIC18F46K22 UART2 Handler issue

Hello, I'm working with a module I should be sending and receiving from, via UART2. 
I send the commands and it works fine, the problems comes when I am supposed to receive data from module in the interrupt. I am receiving nothing. 
My LED should be blinking everytime I receive any character via UART2 handler. everything I receive via the serial monitor while testing but nothing happens. 
here are the  the main functions that could affect the problem : 

void Interrupts_Init(void)
RCONbits.IPEN= 0x01; //Enable priority level on Interrupts
INTCONbits.GIE_GIEH= 0x01; //enable all high priority interrupts
INTCONbits.PEIE_GIEL=0x01; //enable all low priority interrupts
PIE3bits.RC2IE = 0x01; //EUSART2 Receive Interrupt enabling
IPR3bits.RC2IP=0x01; //EUSART2 receive is high priority
void UART2_Initialization(void)
BAUDCON2bits.BRG16=0x01; //16-bit baud rate generator is used
TXSTA2bits.BRGH=0x00; //low speed baud rate
SPBRG2=103; SPBRGH2=0; //value to generate 9600 Baud Rate at 16MHz with minimum error
TRISDbits.RD6= 0;
TRISDbits.RD7= 1;
TXSTA2bits.SYNC=0x00; //Asynchronous mode
RCSTA2bits.SPEN= 0x01; // serial port enabled
RCSTA2bits.CREN= 0x01; //Enable continuous receive
TXSTA2bits.TXEN=1; //enable transmit
void interrupt High_Priority(void)

if(PIR3bits.RC2IF==1 && PIE3bits.RC2IE == 0x01)
GSM_Response[counter]= RCREG2;
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Re: PIC18F46K22 UART2 Handler issue 2019/05/19 07:34:58 (permalink) ☼ Best Answerby CantFindName 2019/05/20 00:17:42
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UART2 Rx for your chip is on pin RD7, which also has analog input functionality that must be disabled.
Reference: PORTD Registers section of the I/O Ports chapter of the Data Sheet.

Recommend you get into the habit of using LATB rather than PORTB register to manipulate LED bits.  It may not make a difference in this particular program, but you will thank me later when you get to more "interesting" applications.  Reference: About a gazillion posts on this forum (and elsewhere): Search "read-modify-write" or "RMW"
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