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Hot!Forum Split Harmony1/2/3

Paul PortSol
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2019/05/08 04:43:49 (permalink)

Forum Split Harmony1/2/3

So when previously asked it was said this would be split when Harmony3 was released.
Well there are daily Harmony3 posts interleaved with Harmony2 posts now.
It is confusing as there are different answers for different versions of Harmony.
Please split the forum to 3 or at least 2. 
Or add a checkbox so posts can be tagged as Harmony1/2/3

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    Re: Forum Split Harmony1/2/3 2019/05/08 14:23:34 (permalink)
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    I strongly support the suggestion by Paul that Microchip establish a separate forum for v3.  My recent experience (described below) suggests that there will be confusion, bugs, and questions about v3 that will be unique to v3 so why not separate the two?   

    I wanted to learn more about Harmony V3, so I started by opening a demo project that I know works on v2.  I upgraded the toolchain before I started, so I am now using MPLABX v5.15, XC32 v2.15, Hv3.  The hardware is an Ethernet Starter Kit DM320007-C connected to a Mac running MacOS 10.14.4 (Mojave).  

    I loaded the web_net_server_nvm_mpfs project from the v3/net/apps/web_net_server_nvm_mpfs/firmware/pic32mz_ef_sk.X.  Compiled and downloaded the demo project. The red LED was blinking (not the green one as in the v2 demo).  Next I tried to ping the board at the v2 demo address ( address) - that failed.  The mchpboard_E also did not work (but it never has with my Mac/network). At this point I had no idea whether it was one of the toolchain, Harmony v3, or the demo that was causing the problem.

    I started digging and discovered that the demo default IP address had been changed in v3 to!  (Of course, the documentation did not mention this change.).  Now the ping worked, but the web server did not.  It turned out that the v3 demo uses http, whereas the v2 demo uses https (again, no documentation).  Finally I had the web server pages working.  I saw that the primary color on the page is now red (not brown) and that the button indicators do not reflect the button state correctly.  Minor issues, but differences just the same.

    My conclusion: If you are moving from Harmony v2 to Harmony v3, there are a lot of changes in the way the generated code is created.  The v2 "framework" is gone in v3, replaced by "components".  A project graph page has been added to MPLABX to show the active components, each of which can be configured in another window.  Very different from v2.  At the code level, however, much of the v3 code and configuration settings are the same as or similar to v2. (Rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic?)

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