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What about the 18F family?

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2019/04/23 15:16:43 (permalink)

What about the 18F family?

Please let me tell you that after more than 3 years not working with PICs I am not even sure where to ask this.
Thinking of eventually design a BLDC controller I found that the 18F4431 is not even mentioned amongst the suggested devices for that purpose.
Looking through the site's selector, besides not finding it, the 18F family seems being doomed to extinction with very few new products while the 16F looks in full development.
Is my perception correct? Kind of deceiveing to me if it comes to be true.
Just for me to read in the right place, could anyone post few tips on the above? Gracias.

Agustín Tomás

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    Re: What about the 18F family? 2019/04/23 15:46:34 (permalink)
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    I don't think the PIC18F is doomed to extinction anytime soon, there are also new developments in this family like the K40 Series, K42, Q10

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    Re: What about the 18F family? 2019/04/23 16:26:50 (permalink)
    Also, K83 is released and K43 coming (hopefully soon).
    PIC16 had a good growth couple years ago, but nothing new is coming (that I know of). Looks like the newer version of PIC16F145x is not going to happen :(
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    Re: What about the 18F family? 2019/04/23 19:09:59 (permalink)
    I use 18F27K40.  It seems like a fine device for embedded project. However, the software toolchain sucks with the unstable APIs and example code that is obsolete.
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    Re: What about the 18F family? 2019/04/23 20:22:09 (permalink)
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    The limitation of the selection tool is not a huge issue. They spend more time make it look good, than work good.
    Or they did not put a 9 year old PIC in the selector.
    If you found a Chip that does the job, why are you concerned about a future better PIC to replace it.  Chances are you can buy it for many years. 
    But You should be able to use something newer for a new project. Unless the 18F4431  is perfect.
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    Re: What about the 18F family? 2019/04/24 02:23:19 (permalink)
    I find the various online part selectors are a pile of crap.
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