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Hot!ezbl, pic32mm & FlashHoles

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2019/01/31 04:29:23 (permalink)

ezbl, pic32mm & FlashHoles

I installed ezbl v2.11
I progressed thru the ezbl examples in "EZBL Hands-on Bootloading Exercises.pdf", modifying them as necessary for the PIC32MM USB Curiosity board. All fine, then I reached Exercise 4 Solution.c 
These build errors appeared.
c:/ezbl-v2.11/ex_app_non_ezbl_base/main.c:143: undefined reference to `.startof..text.emuEEData'
c:/ezbl-v2.11/ex_app_non_ezbl_base/main.c:143: undefined reference to `.startof..text.emuEEData'
c:/ezbl-v2.11/ex_app_non_ezbl_base/main.c:166: undefined reference to `.startof..text.emuEEData'
c:/ezbl-v2.11/ex_app_non_ezbl_base/main.c:166: undefined reference to `.startof..text.emuEEData'
c:/ezbl-v2.11/ex_app_non_ezbl_base/main.c:166: undefined reference 'EZBL_ModifyROM' 

The first 4 seem to be because EZBL_FlashHoleAddr which resolves to
__builtin_section_begin(".text.emuEEData") is providing a reference to a different symbol to that generated by the EZBL_AllocFlashHole macro

The last error is because EZBL_ModifyROM, called by EZBL_WriteROMObj, is commented out in ezbl.h for xc32
Uncommenting it produces another build error because it calls thus: EZBL_WriteROMEx(destPgmAddr, srcData, byteLen)
but EZBL_WriteROMEx requires 6 arguments. For now I have changed that to
EZBL_WriteROMEx(destPgmAddr, srcData, byteLen, 0, 0, 0).
I will worry about fixing the call up properly later

I guess that the flash hole stuff was never really tested or completely ironed out for pic32.
Being able to store application variables to NVM is an essential part of my project.
If this really cannot be made to work with pic32 how can I achieve the same by writing to internal flash without using an external part and that will persist thru application program field updates?


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