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Hot!What should I refer to become a firmware designer

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2018/11/06 02:09:31 (permalink)

What should I refer to become a firmware designer

Hi all,
I am a beginner in electronics as well as firmware design. I am from electrical engineer field but I have some little knowledge in C language and I was cracking ideas and operation over some topics from from google search since couple of months.
I want to be a firmware designer and developer. Can I expect my desire ? And if so, what books should I refer to become a designer?
Any idea please?

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    Re: What should I refer to become a firmware designer 2018/11/06 02:32:38 (permalink)
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    Just start to be it. There are books and  now-a-day there is the net, with a lot of info. Select an 8bit PIC to start, design a small board that do something useful for your house, assemble it (to understand electronic concerns also). Prepare the firmware (i suggest to use C and x8/mpasmx compiler) and program it on the board. Debug it until all works as expected. Then restart the cycle with a more complex design.
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    Re: What should I refer to become a firmware designer 2018/11/06 14:14:14 (permalink)
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    Also perhaps go through some of the tutorials, such as those from Gooligum. There are good development platforms such as the Microchip Curiosity boards, but you can also do a lot just using the simulator in MPLABX. It helps to have a specific project in mind, that will do something you would like to have, such as a programmable thermostat or temperature controller. Such a project could use techniques for ADC, switches, PWM, LED display multiplexing, I2C, SPI, serial port, Bluetooth, USB, and IR control. Start simple and add functionality and features as you wish.
    You might also start by creating a detailed project specification, as you might get as a software engineer (firmware designer) from a manager or customer, completing the design, and testing it with a written procedure. Having an EE background will help with circuit design, which should be closely synchronized with the firmware. Embedded programming is quite different from writing software for an OS like Windows or Linux.

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    Re: What should I refer to become a firmware designer 2018/11/06 16:48:03 (permalink)
    Do you want to be a firmware designer as a profession?  If so then you need to go to college.  Most companies will not consider a candidate without a degree.  With no degree you will need many years of experience before a company will consider you for a job.
    If you live in an area with a university, look to see if they have night classes.  The best way to learn is by doing, and "extension" courses (as they are called at my local university), give you the knowledge you need and the motivation to keep learning.
    Bob White
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    Re: What should I refer to become a firmware designer 2018/11/06 17:22:03 (permalink)
    For more formal training nothing will beat a Master's degree in embedded systems.

    For free (or small cost if you want the certificate) Coursera offers many courses in embedded systems such as https://www.coursera.org/learn/introduction-embedded-systems
    The University of Colorado - Boulder offers an outstanding program in embedded systems.  One can get a full Master's degree (the Professional Masters Program is geared to students who will be entering industry rather than pursuing a Ph.D.) or a certificate but these programs are not free:
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    Re: What should I refer to become a firmware designer 2018/11/06 19:02:23 (permalink)
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    Buy books with project orientated to design some few basic and useful projects to understand the basics and how to use different PIC peripherals. Than you can learn further from there.
    Books by Prof Dogan Ibrahim, Lucio di Jasio among others can be helpful in this regards.

    Free online Microcontroller Tutorials and Projects for Hobbyists and students. From beginners to advanced. Website: www.studentcompanion.co.za
    YouTube Tutorials: https://www.youtube.com/StudentCompanionSA
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