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Helpful ReplySMTPC mail server time out error

Sathya Kiruba
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2018/10/30 04:06:15 (permalink)

SMTPC mail server time out error

I'm working on a project with PIC32MZ EF kit and using harmony configurator v2.06. i'm using demo application web_server_sdcard_fatfs  for SMTPC function. mail function not correctly working for me. 
my error SMTPC mail FAILED! Callback result: MailRes:-15 MailErr:10 MailWarn:0  mail result is server timeout(MailRes:-15) . mail error is TCPIP_SMTPC_MESSAGE_STAT_MAIL_FILES (MailErr:10)  any ideas to eliminate this errors? 
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Re: SMTPC mail server time out error 2018/10/30 08:31:26 (permalink) ☄ Helpfulby Sathya Kiruba 2018/11/18 22:59:59
If you have a console connected to your board, please try to use the "mail" command to send your email.
And use the tcpipReplyCallback() function (see tcpip_commands.c, and uncomment the SYS_CONSOLE_PRINT() in there) to spit out the server's replies.
We'll know more what is that the server does not like.
Also, provide some details: which server, port, if you attempt an encrypted connection, and then if you have TLS properly configured, etc.
You can also try a different server, preferably one that doesn't require encryption, just as a test, to understand what the problem is.
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