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Using RN4870 with Windows 10

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2018/10/29 04:11:02 (permalink)

Using RN4870 with Windows 10


I am a home hobbyist and am getting started with Bluetooth BLE, using the RN4870 module from Microchip. I have built a simple breakout board with a USB to UART interface, following guidance on Martyn Currey's website:  http://www.martyncurrey.com/arduino-with-rn48701/
I have worked my way through about half of above, stopping at "Connecting Two RN4870 Modules Together", and everything works fine.

I have also followed the instructions in the       Microchip RN4870-PICtail-UserGuide.pdf
using my own simple breakout board with some pots, LED, switch, etc, instead of the PICtail board.  Again everything works as expected, including communicating with BLESensorApp on an Android smartphone.

I would now like to move on to my real objective, which is to connect a digital temperature sensor to my breakout board and capture the readings on my PC. (I plan to capture readings say every 15 mins over a whole day, and save them together with time and date stamp.)
I do not foresee any difficulties at the board end, as I am well able to deal with the hardware, and expect to be able to program the RN4870 as required ( Or alternatively to write a script ).

My problem is what to do at the Windows PC end.
My PC runs Windows 10, but does not have Bluetooth built-in, so I have purchased two alternative BLE dongles for it:
  1) SiliconLabs BLED112, plus downloaded BLE GUI v1.6
  2) ASUS USB-BT400 USB Adapter     
I can pair above dongles with my RN4870 board, but neither seems to have the facility to meet my objective, i.e. to capture readings and present them on screen, and also to save them to a file.  

I guess a program could be written in Visual Basic to do this, but my knowledge of VB is very limited.  My feeling is that something should already exist, something like a Windows version of the BLESensorApp, but after much searching I havn't managed to find anything.

I'm aware of the Silicon Labs Bluetooth SDK and associated tools, but they appear to have quite a long learning curve, and I guess would not work with a Microchip device.

Any help or suggestions will be appreciated.  Many thanks.
   [ I have posted this on two forums -- Microchip and StackOverflow -- because I'm not sure
     which is the "right" forum for this query.  I hope this is OK ]

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