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Is Ethernet even possible using the SAME53J ?

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2018/10/22 15:22:30 (permalink)

Is Ethernet even possible using the SAME53J ?

I didn't know where to ask this question, so this seemed like the best spot.
In the datasheet http://ww1.microchip.com/downloads/en/DeviceDoc/SAM-D5xE5x-Family-Datasheet-01507B.pdf :
"Table 1-1. SAM E53/E54 Family Features with Ethernet" of says that there is a set of 64 pin parts, the SAME53J series, which have Ethernet controllers. But, when you dig into "Table 6-1. Multiplexed Peripheral Signals" , the signal GRXDV is only available in parts with 100 pins or more. GRXDV does not appear to be available on the 64 pin part.
How can the Ethernet data interface even work without the receive data valid signal?

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    Re: Is Ethernet even possible using the SAME53J ? 2019/09/20 09:32:47 (permalink)
    The device errata shows that Ethernet was not available on 64-pin devices for silicon rev A, but it has been fixed in rev D.  I got confirmation of this from Microchip support.  You will have to work with your distributor to make sure you get rev D silicon.
    I don't know what pin the GRXDV signal comes out on in the new rev
    Hope this helps
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    Re: Is Ethernet even possible using the SAME53J ? 2019/09/21 04:10:26 (permalink)
    The latest datasheet for that part is at
    and it states:

    6. GRXDV is available on PA16 for the 64-pin package only.

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