Hot!Errors in PIC16F176x datasheet ?

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2018/10/11 01:57:24 (permalink)

Errors in PIC16F176x datasheet ?

I am working on a project using a PIC16F1765 and I suspect some inconsistencies in the datasheet (DS40001775D, Revision D) :
1. Page 248: In chapter "24.0 CAPTURE/COMPARE/PWM MODULES"
The "TABLE 24-1: AVAILABLE CCP MODULES" shows CCP1 and CCP2 modules available for all 4 versions of the chip PIC16(L)F1764, PIC16(L)F1765, PIC16(L)F1768, and  PIC16(L)F1769. I think that F1764 and F1765 only have CCP1 module available.
2. Page 173: In chapter "16.0 ANALOG-TO-DIGITAL CONVERTER (ADC) MODULE".
The note says "If the ADC does not have a dedicated VSS input channel, the VSS selection (DAC1R<4:0> = b'00000') through the DAC output channel can be used."
However DAC1R register does not exist in this device and can be confused with AN0/DAC1REF- pin.
3. Page 178, same chapter about ADC conversion.
Footnote reference (1) is attached to text "11110 = DAC1_output" but sends to chapter “5-Bit Digital-to-Analog Converter (DAC) Module” which is DAC3 and not DAC1 in this device.
Footnote reference (4) is attached to text "11011 = DAC3_output" but sends to chapter “10-Bit Digital-to-Analog Converter (DAC) Module” which is DAC1 and not DAC3 in this device.
For last point, can you confirm that text reference to DAC and attached code are right ?
Thank you.

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