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2018/10/08 05:14:32 (permalink)

MPLAB Device Blocks for Simulink v3.44 Released, know Issues, Patches, Examples

MPLAB Device Blocks for Simulink v3.44 is now available for download 
at https://www.microchip.com/SimulinkBlocks
The blockset support chip (dsPIC and PIC32, see list below). Thus it works with any boards based on a supported dsPIC/PIC32. With all supported chip, the blockset can implement multi-rate model either as a single or multi-tasking system. 
Backward compatible with previous blockset release.
This version embedd a third part tool adding blocks for UAVs projects (GPS, mavlink, Receiver S.BUS and S.Port blocks for dsPIC only). Type picInfo to find out how to install theses UxV blocks.
Examples shipped with the blocks demonstrate how to read sensors like:
  • Barometer BMP180 / MS5611 (I2C bus)
  • Magnetometer HMC5883 (I2C bus)
  • Accelerometer and rate gyro MPU6000 and MPU6050 (SPI and I2C bus)
Third part board used: AUAV V3 from Arsov RC Technology, and IMU 10 DOF v2 from Drotek [http://www.drotek.fr/shop...50-hmc5883-ms5611.html]
Microchip board used: Explorer16, Explorer 16/32, MCLV, MCLV V2, and Microstick II

Others resources:
Related Tools:
  • MPLAB XC Compilers (XC16 for dsPIC and XC32 for PIC32) 
  • MPLAB X IDE (to flash the MCU from Matlab, or open the generated project within MPLAB X) 

270 Devices supported:
30F2010, 30F2011, 30F2012, 30F3010, 30F3011, 30F3012, 30F3013, 30F3014, 30F4011, 30F4012, 30F4013, 30F5011, 30F5013, 30F5015, 30F5016, 30F6010, 30F6011, 30F6012, 30F6013, 30F6014, 30F6015, 33EP128GM304, 33EP128GM306, 33EP128GM310, 33EP128GM604, 33EP128GM706, 33EP128GM710, 33EP128GP502, 33EP128GP504, 33EP128GP506, 33EP128GS702, 33EP128GS704, 33EP128GS705, 33EP128GS706, 33EP128GS708, 33EP128GS804, 33EP128GS805, 33EP128GS806, 33EP128GS808, 33EP128MC202, 33EP128MC204, 33EP128MC206, 33EP128MC502, 33EP128MC504, 33EP128MC506, 33EP16GS202, 33EP16GS502, 33EP16GS504, 33EP16GS505, 33EP16GS506, 33EP256GM304, 33EP256GM306, 33EP256GM310, 33EP256GM604, 33EP256GM706, 33EP256GM710, 33EP256GP502, 33EP256GP504, 33EP256GP506, 33EP256MC202, 33EP256MC204, 33EP256MC206, 33EP256MC502, 33EP256MC504, 33EP256MC506, 33EP256MU806, 33EP256MU810, 33EP256MU814, 33EP32GP502, 33EP32GP503, 33EP32GP504, 33EP32GS202, 33EP32GS502, 33EP32GS504, 33EP32GS505, 33EP32GS506, 33EP32MC202, 33EP32MC203, 33EP32MC204, 33EP32MC502, 33EP32MC503, 33EP32MC504, 33EP512GM304, 33EP512GM306, 33EP512GM310, 33EP512GM604, 33EP512GM706, 33EP512GM710, 33EP512GP502, 33EP512GP504, 33EP512GP506, 33EP512GP806, 33EP512MC202, 33EP512MC204, 33EP512MC206, 33EP512MC502, 33EP512MC504, 33EP512MC506, 33EP512MC806, 33EP512MU810, 33EP512MU814, 33EP64GP502, 33EP64GP503, 33EP64GP504, 33EP64GP506, 33EP64GS502, 33EP64GS504, 33EP64GS505, 33EP64GS506, 33EP64GS708, 33EP64GS804, 33EP64GS805, 33EP64GS806, 33EP64GS808, 33EP64MC202, 33EP64MC203, 33EP64MC204, 33EP64MC206, 33EP64MC502, 33EP64MC503, 33EP64MC504, 33EP64MC506, 33EV128GM002, 33EV128GM003, 33EV128GM004, 33EV128GM006, 33EV128GM102, 33EV128GM103, 33EV128GM104, 33EV128GM106, 33EV256GM002, 33EV256GM003, 33EV256GM004, 33EV256GM006, 33EV256GM102, 33EV256GM103, 33EV256GM104, 33EV256GM106, 33EV32GM002, 33EV32GM003, 33EV32GM004, 33EV32GM006, 33EV32GM102, 33EV32GM103, 33EV32GM104, 33EV32GM106, 33EV64GM002, 33EV64GM003, 33EV64GM004, 33EV64GM006, 33EV64GM102, 33EV64GM103, 33EV64GM104, 33EV64GM106, 33FJ128GP202, 33FJ128GP204, 33FJ128GP206, 33FJ128GP206A, 33FJ128GP306, 33FJ128GP306A, 33FJ128GP310, 33FJ128GP310A, 33FJ128GP706, 33FJ128GP706A, 33FJ128GP708, 33FJ128GP708A, 33FJ128GP710, 33FJ128GP710A, 33FJ128GP802, 33FJ128GP804, 33FJ128MC202, 33FJ128MC204, 33FJ128MC506, 33FJ128MC506A, 33FJ128MC510, 33FJ128MC510A, 33FJ128MC706, 33FJ128MC706A, 33FJ128MC708, 33FJ128MC708A, 33FJ128MC710, 33FJ128MC710A, 33FJ128MC802, 33FJ128MC804, 33FJ12GP201, 33FJ12GP202, 33FJ12MC201, 33FJ12MC202, 33FJ16GP304, 33FJ16MC304, 33FJ256GP506, 33FJ256GP506A, 33FJ256GP510, 33FJ256GP510A, 33FJ256GP710, 33FJ256GP710A, 33FJ256MC510, 33FJ256MC510A, 33FJ256MC710, 33FJ256MC710A, 33FJ32GP202, 33FJ32GP204, 33FJ32GP302, 33FJ32GP304, 33FJ32MC202, 33FJ32MC204, 33FJ32MC302, 33FJ32MC304, 33FJ64GP202, 33FJ64GP204, 33FJ64GP206, 33FJ64GP206A, 33FJ64GP306, 33FJ64GP306A, 33FJ64GP310, 33FJ64GP310A, 33FJ64GP706, 33FJ64GP706A, 33FJ64GP708, 33FJ64GP708A, 33FJ64GP710, 33FJ64GP710A, 33FJ64GP802, 33FJ64GP804, 33FJ64MC202, 33FJ64MC204, 33FJ64MC506, 33FJ64MC506A, 33FJ64MC508, 33FJ64MC508A, 33FJ64MC510, 33FJ64MC510A, 33FJ64MC706, 33FJ64MC706A, 33FJ64MC710, 33FJ64MC710A, 33FJ64MC802, 33FJ64MC804, 32MK0512MCF064, 32MK0512MCF100, 32MK0512MCM064, 32MK0512MCM100, 32MK1024MCF064, 32MK1024MCF100, 32MK1024MCM064, 32MK1024MCM100, 32MZ1024EFG064, 32MZ1024EFG100, 32MZ1024EFG124, 32MZ1024EFG144, 32MZ1024EFH064, 32MZ1024EFH100, 32MZ1024EFH124, 32MZ1024EFH144, 32MZ1024EFM064, 32MZ1024EFM100, 32MZ1024EFM124, 32MZ1024EFM144, 32MZ2048EFG064, 32MZ2048EFG100, 32MZ2048EFG124, 32MZ2048EFG144, 32MZ2048EFH064, 32MZ2048EFH100, 32MZ2048EFH124, 32MZ2048EFH144, 32MZ2048EFM064, 32MZ2048EFM100, 32MZ2048EFM124, 32MZ2048EFM144.

Older release announcement and patches:

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    Re: MPLAB Device Blocks for Simulink v3.44 Released, know Issues, Patches, Examples 2018/10/08 05:27:03 (permalink)
    Attached patch fixes know issues with blockset release v3.44 (download here: https://microchip.box.com/shared/static/0hjdolojlencmkfwza1ywqj6t073mqjg.p)
    1. Download the picpatch_v3_44_01.p script
    2. Start Matlab (admin right might be required: right click on Matlab Icon and start with admin rights)
    3. Run the picpatch_v3_44_01.p script
    4. done
    Patch v01 published on  08 October 2018
    Fixed issues:
    • Code Replacement Library issue on asiatic system due to character encoding problem.
    • Missing initialisaiton script file for sensorless PMSM motor control example on dsPIC with CRL
    • MCPWM peripheral bitfield name error
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