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2018/10/01 20:07:20 (permalink)


I'm Japanese.
I'm using Curiosity PIC32MZ EFM and MPLAB V5.05 and MHC V2.06 and WiFi 7 click(Use MikroBUS 1).
MRF24WN of onboard WiFi Module in Curiosity PIC32MZ EFM doesn't use it.
I'd like to use ATWINC1510 of WiFi 7 click WiFi Module.

- Under BSP Configuration changed the BSP to Curiosity PIC32MZ EFM.

- Using the MHC Options
- SPI to INT1.
- Wi-Fi to Device WINC1500.
- Wi-Fi to RTOS Configuration. - CE to E8, IRQ to F13, RST to A9, SPI Slave Select to E9, Network Type to SoftAP.
- System Services - External Interrupt Module ID to INT_EXTERNAL_INT_SOURCE1

- Using the MHC Pin Settings
- MRF24WN_EN GPIO_OUT Out High to pin 17 A0.
- ATWINC1510_EN GPIO_OUT Out Low to pin 18 E8.
- ATWINC1510_SSN GPIO_OUT Out Low to pin 19 E9.
- ATWINC1510_RST GPIO_OUT Out Low to pin 28 A9.
- ATWINC1510_INT INT1 to pin 39 F13.
- ATWINC1510_SDI SDI1 to pin 47 D14.
- ATWINC1510_SCK Available to pin 76 D1.
- ATWINC1510_SDO SDO1 to pin 78 D3.
- ATWINC1510_CS Available to pin 81 D4.

How MHC should be set?

Thank you.
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    Re: ATWINC1510 2018/10/03 11:02:29 (permalink)
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    Your setup looks OK, but the demo example may not work with that setup.  I believe the rgb_easy demo uses the MikroBus slot #2 (INT2, etc.).  MHC should adjust for the different configuration, but maybe not.  I was able to get the demo to work, but then discovered it used the MRF24WN  for the WiFi.  I tried to change to the WINC1500 and (I believe) it did not work.
    I was interested in making the WiFi work in the superloop without all the other services that are part of the demo. See my previous post at https://www.microchip.com/forums/m1064509.aspx.
    After many hours of code reviews, I determined that the only way forward for me was to rewrite the WiFi driver for the WINC1500.  I am working on it, but have no schedule when I will have something working.
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    Thank you so much for your answer, BillP:). 2018/10/03 20:39:23 (permalink)
    Thank you so much for your answer, BillP:).
    If a bulletin board was being judged by a parking in yesterday's way back, something good was found.

    When this sample project was seen, communication setting of SPI was added to a WiFi module.
    When a data seat of ATWINC1510 was seen, a CS pin was a SSN pin.
    I think I'll try now.

    Thank you.

    There was a sample of ATWINC1500, and if communication setting of SPI was copied, it moved!

    Harmony “wifi_easy_conguration” project.
    Configuration ”pic32mz_ef_sk__ioexp__winc__freertos”.
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